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Executive Director, Metropolitan Action Committee Violence Against Women and Children

Responsible to: METRAC Board of Directors

General Responsibilities:

The Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership and for the overall day to day management of financial, administrative, public relations, personnel and service delivery systems at METRAC. She will have primary responsibility for directing the organization's fundraising efforts. Working cooperatively and effectively with the Board of Directors and staff within the participatory hierarchical structure at METRAC, she will ensure that all such systems comply with the mission statement, beliefs, aims, policies and strategic direction of the organization. Learn more about METRAC at

Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible for, and will be evaluated in relation to, the following tasks and responsibilities.

Board Relations

1. As the formal liaison and contact person for the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will attend all Board meetings, prepare, submit and present verbal and written reports on a monthly basis and as requested; and participate in discussions, planning activities and problem solving. The Executive Director will assist and support the President of the Board (e.g., with agenda gathering of material for Board meetings) and will be responsible for taking, producing and circulating the minutes at all Board meetings.

2. The Executive Director will sit on all Board committees and will assist and support the Chairs of those committees (e.g., with agenda preparation, gathering of material for meetings).

3. The Executive Director, acting as an agent for the Board of Directors when so instructed, will negotiate, execute and monitor contracts, leases and other agreements for the organization.

Financial Management

4. With appropriate input from staff and Board, the Executive Director will develop budgets and financial projections for the organization on an annual basis.

5. The Executive Director will maintain effective relationships and liaise with existing and potential funding sources and the organization's auditor/accountant and, working with the Board of Directors, will complete all administrative tasks relating to the approval of contracts, budgets and agreements and the preparation of the annual audit.

6. The Executive Director will demonstrate a familiarity with financial statements, audits and expenditure projections and, in cooperation with the Treasurer, will provide the Board with the information and assistance it needs to discharge its financial responsibilities.

7. The Executive Director, with the assistance of the bookkeeper, will oversee the day-to-day financial management of the organization and will ensure that all financial systems and processes, including approval of expenditures, cheque writing, filing systems and audit preparations, comply with best practice standards and meet the requirements the organization's accountant.

8. The Executive Director, working cooperatively with the staff and the Board, will manage the preparation and submission of the City of Toronto Community Services Program grant proposal and will be responsible for all discussions with the City with respect to this grant.

9. The Executive Director will lead the organization's fundraising efforts and, working closely with the Board's fundraising committee, will set fundraising targets on an annual basis, coordinate fundraising activities and seek new sources of funding.

Personnel Management

10. The Executive Director will be responsible for the hiring, orientation, training, professional development, supervision, evaluation, discipline and scheduling of all staff. Where the staff works under a specific program director, that director will also be involved in this process.

11. The Executive Director is responsible for the organization and facilitation of regular staff meetings and ongoing staff development and training.

12. The Executive Director's management style, leadership abilities and decision-making and problem-solving skills will contribute to the establishment and maintenance of positive staff morale, effective team building and efficient personnel systems and processes. In particular, the Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the accessibility of the workplace and for creating and maintaining all necessary accommodation to achieve this.

13. The Executive Director, working with the personnel committee, is responsible for the development, maintenance and revision of appropriate personnel policies and procedures.

Program and Service Management

14. The Executive Director will oversee evaluation and planning activities designed to ensure that the programs and services of the organization are compatible with METRAC's Statement of Principles, and that polices and procedures are adjusted as necessary to meet community needs. She will be responsible for ensuring the quality of all METRAC's programs as well as for determining a rationale for funding and staffing the various program areas. The Executive

Director will work closely with all staff, but particularly with program directors, in carrying out this responsibility.

Public Relations/Community Outreach

15. The Executive Director will serve as the formal liaison and contact person for community organizations, agencies, professionals, government officials and the media. Her role in this area will complement staff interactions with the community and, where appropriate, will be delegated to program directors.

Organizational Policy and Procedure Development

16. The Executive Director is responsible for identifying areas in which policies and/or procedures are required and for developing such policies and procedures for recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval.


17. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring effective communication among staff and between Board and staff, in particular, ensuring that information from Board and committee meetings is shared in a timely manner with staff and that staff concerns and comments are shared in a timely manner with the Board.

18. The Executive Director will lead and promote the organization's anti-oppression and equity work, including training and outreach.

19. The Executive Director is responsible for ongoing liaison and contact with the December 6th Fund, with whom METRAC shares office space.

20. The Executive Director, working closely with the Office Coordinator, will oversee the maintenance of the physical plant and equipment.

21. The Executive Director will perform other duties and complete other tasks and activities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Skills and Qualifications

* must have at least 3 years experience working at the management level in a community-based not-for-profit organization, where this experience included the following areas of responsibility:

* fundraising

* proposal writing

* financial management

* personnel management

* Board and public relations

* community outreach

* must have knowledge and understanding of the issue of violence against women and the need for systemic change to eradicate it

* demonstrated commitment to working within an anti-oppression framework

* demonstrated understanding of equity issues

* very strong written and verbal communication skills in English

* an ability and commitment to lead a small staff in a team setting

* experience in policy development and program management an asset

* basic computer skills, including word processing, basic accounting programs, and the Internet

* strong interpersonal skills

* comfort with public speaking an asset

* education: undergraduate degree or equivalent

Salary Range: Full time, $55,000 - $60,000 plus benefits (all salaries currently under review)

Start date: Flexible, up to January 6, 2003

METRAC is seeking applications from women from traditionally marginalized communities. Please identify with which community you identify in your cover letter.

To apply: Send cover letter and resume, in confidence, by mail, email, fax or hand delivery to

Pamela Cross

Executive Director


158 Spadina Road

Toronto, Ontario M5R 2T8

Fax: (416)392-3136

Deadline: October 21, 2002

No telephone inquiries please. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.