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Health Promotion Consultant, Environmental Information and Education, City of Toronto

Temporary - Approximately nine months

Salary Range: $32.78-$36.16 per hour

Major Responsibilities

* Reports to the Supervisor of Environmental Information and Education

* Acts as a consultant to the Division, Corporation, external groups and the general public on health promotion issues related to the biophysical environmental (e.g. fosters health promotion activities, provides methodological support, supports coordination of environment related activities)

* Designs, supports implementation and evaluates health promotion programs which are to be delivered to the public or indirectly through other professionals and the mass media (e.g. press releases, media conferences, article submissions, website development and maintenance, mass mailings, special event days, school based interventions, etc.)

* Drafts, revises or assists staff in related programs to develop resources on environment and health matters

* Supports coordination, development and implementation of staff and professional training

* Researches environment and health issues and compiles reports

* Participates in or chairs internal or external meetings

* Compiles and maintains reference files on environment and health resources

* Liaises with external groups as directed (e.g. environmental and community groups, multicultural groups, media, university faculty, other government agencies, business groups)

* Carries out speaking engagements for the community and media, as directed

Key Qualifications

1. Extensive knowledge and experience with a wide array of health promotion methods.

2. Extensive knowledge and experience with environmental issues or environmental determinants of health.

3. Masters degree in environment/health related science or the approved equivalent combination of education and/or related experience.

4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Additional Information

* Applicants are required to demonstrate in their applications that their qualifications for the position match those specified. The assessment may include a suitability interview, written and/or practical test.

How to apply for this opportunity

Interested candidates should mail their resume and cover letter quoting File #X3-CNS2940 by February 21, 2003 to

Employment Services, Human Resources

Metro Hall, 5th Floor, 55 John Street

Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Fax: (416) 397-9818

Committed to employment equity the City of Toronto encourages applications from Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, racial minorities and women.