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Request for Synthesis Research Proposals on on "Governance Choices and Health Care Quality: A Focus on Patient Safety"

Health Canada is seeking information on the impact of governance choices on improvements in quality and safety in order to support its ongoing policy development. As such, the Health Policy Research Program* has released a Request for Proposals seeking synthesis research on the following:

1. Current definitions, concepts and trends related to governance and health care quality in general, and patient safety in particular;

2. Existing evidence in sectors outside the health sector to link governance choices to improvements in quality and safety; and

3. Key examples of governance arrangements related to patient safety that exist in other countries.

The deadline for receipt of applications is April 30, 2003.

The RFP is available at

*The Health Policy Research Program, administered by the Research Management and Dissemination Division, Applied Research and Analysis Directorate, Information, Analysis and Connectivity Branch, funds research that contributes to an evidence base for Health Canada's policy decisions.