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Health Data Analyst, Region of Waterloo Public Health Department

Temporary, full-time until approximately December 31, 2003

Brief Description of Duties

* To provide advice in database design, data access and data analysis to all public health (PH) programs, other cross-department working groups and community agencies

* Designs and maintains health databases within PH

* Advises staff and management, from all health program areas, on the design, development and evaluation of health databases

* Provides support and advice to PH staff, including managers, in the use and operation of health database systems, including disease information systems, environmental health systems, and integrated databases for children

* Utilizes computerized sources of health information to respond to inquires

* Obtains, evaluates, organizes and documents health data on behalf of PH, including national poverty dataset, Ontario Health Survey data, National Public Health Survey, Data Warehouse, National Farm Survey

* Prepares detailed written reports on the design and analysis of health data contained in PH database such as health status reports
Qualifications, Skills, Abilities Required

* Thorough working knowledge of relational database technology and project development, normally acquired through the attainment of a Masters level degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming or related field and two years experience in database development

* A working knowledge of population health and how social, economic and environmental issues affect health

* A detailed understanding of all CHD policies and programs in order to effectively identify information management needs

* Proficiency with the Microsoft Access database program, ability to work and problem solve within both the Windows 95 and NT Operating System environments and experience with Local Area Networks in order to provide the necessary level of support to all staff

* Proven analytical and troubleshooting skills in order to probe for information, apply principles and solve problems

* Ability to apply technical information gained from various technical sources such as reference manuals, periodicals and seminars to real-time situations


* Diverse daily contact with many disciplines, internally and externally, requires flexibility, organizational skills, group facilitation and team building skills, diplomacy and ability to set priorities, advanced written and verbal and individual and group communication skills and demonstrated public speaking ability to clearly communicate technical information to both professional and lay audiences

* Ability to project and support values compatible with the organization

* Ability to travel to off-site locations, within and outside of the Region, for meetings or presentations

Wage/Salary: $20.27 to 23.04 per hour

Please apply by April 28, 4:30 p.m., to the Human Resources Department of the Region of Waterloo. See for contact information.