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RFP: Healthy Schools Work Group of the Together 4 Health Coalition of Waterloo Region Toolkit Development


The Healthy Schools Work Group of the Together 4 Health (T4H) Coalition of Waterloo Region is accepting proposals to develop a toolkit to assist with creating healthy environments in elementary schools. It is envisioned that the toolkit will be utilized by school administrators, teachers, school councils and student leaders to provide practical suggestions for creating an environment that is supportive of healthy eating and physical activity within elementary schools in Waterloo Region.

T4H is one of 37 projects that participate in the Ontario Heart Health Program (OHHP), a provincial initiative funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to address the leading modifiable risk factors (healthy eating, physical activity, smoke-free living) associated with cardiovascular disease and chronic disease prevention. T4H is a community partnership of agencies and individuals that actively promotes healthy lifestyle choices. We are committed to enhancing heart health and preventing chronic disease in Waterloo Region by inspiring, creating and celebrating a culture of wellness in the communities where our residents live work and play by promoting the key messages: Eat for Health, Get Active, Live Smoke-Free and Take Time Out.

The Healthy Schools Work Group was formed in May 2003. More details about T4H and the Healthy Schools Work Group (T4H Terms of Reference & Coalition Structure, Activity Plan for Healthy Schools Work Group(April 1, 2003-March 31, 2004), and Healthy Schools Work Group Membership List) are available by contacting Mary Ellen Prange at

Statement of Work

The T4H Healthy Schools Work Group envisions a consultant working with direction from the Work Group Chair, with input from Work Group members, to develop the content and resources to be included in the toolkit. An outline for the kit has been drafted and could include, although is not limited to, the following components:

1) Introduction and Background

* Why create a healthy school environment?

* Stats to demonstrate the need for action

2) Checklist for schools to rate their current practices to help determine priority area(s) for action

3) Environmental Supports for Schools

A. Parent Resources

* Samples of handouts and where to obtain copies

* Samples of information to include in school newsletters

B. Teacher/Classroom Resources

* List of curriculum support resources for healthy eating and physical activity

* Descriptions of other resources (e.g. treasure chests)

* Ideas for enhancing a healthy classroom environment (e.g. non-food rewards, foods for class parties, movement breaks - "Brain Gym")

C. Resources to support school-wide activities (include stories/profiles of local schools)

* Involving food (e.g., healthy alternatives for vending machines, tuck shops, special lunch days, fund-raising)

* Involving physical activity (e.g., bike racks, playground equipment)

4) Policy Development

* What is healthy school policy?

* Why is policy an effective strategy?

* Checklist/chart on how to get started

* Sample School Policies

* Where to obtain assistance in developing school food and physical activity policies.

5) Evaluation/Feedback

Include a plan for evaluating the kit.

The toolkit will be pilot tested in three to five schools from March-June 2004. Based on feedback from pilot schools, the toolkit will be revised in the summer of 2004.

The consultant for this project will be selected based on

* Nutrition and/or physical activity related training and experience;

* Knowledge of the policy development process and effectiveness of healthy public policy as a strategy to promote health;

* Experience developing health promotion resource materials;

* Experience in project management;

* Ability to adhere to strict timelines and provide quick turnaround on all aspects of this project;

* Ability to gather adequate resources and meet all expectations within an allotted budget and timeline;

* Excellent oral and written communications skills; and

* Familiarity with chronic disease prevention programming in Ontario will also be an asset.

Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on December 19, 2003. The successful candidate will be notified by December 30, 2003. Letters of interest reflecting either an individual or a team approach are welcome and should outline the following:

* An understanding of the scope of the project

* A preliminary workplan outlining the tasks to be undertaken and corresponding timelines

* CV or resume with summary of related achievements and qualifications

* Proof of liability insurance of $2M must be provided

Submissions should be directed to

Shelley Bolden

Coordinator, Together 4 Health

c/o Region of Waterloo Public Health, Heart Health & Cancer Prevention Program

99 Regina Street South

Waterloo, ON N2J 4V3

Phone: (519) 883-2110 x5299


The project is expected to be completed by February 27, 2004.


This contract is not expected to exceed $10,000 (based on 200 hrs at $50/hr) including all GST & related expenses. Applicants should consider this amount prior to submitting a proposal, as additional funding is not available.

For More Information, please contact

Mary Ellen Prange

Chair, Healthy Schools Work Group of Together 4 Health

Tel: (5190 883-2110 x5294