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Information Specialist, Canadian Health Network, Health Promotion Affiliate

Briefly, as a member of the CHN HP Affiliate Project Management Team, the Information Specialist (.8FTE) will

* Have overall responsibility to develop, manage and maintain the collection of resources and materials for the health promotion area of the CHN website

* Establish a Collections Development Policy and implement a process to ensure Quality Assurance mechanisms and standards, including the coordination of peer reviews and submissions to CHN for selection consideration

* Monitor and review the collections to identify gaps in content, areas for improvement, assess relevance and ensure the collection is kept up to date in a timely way

* Develop and implement outreach strategies/processes to solicit collections and evaluate new/relevant resources including coordinating access to and building on OPC and CHP libraries/resources and research activities

* Network with other Affiliates and regional animators to develop ongoing communications regarding collection issues

* Facilitate and coordinate a process to review existing/current web site content/collections

* Catalogue and describe new resources. Upload proposed resources to CHN web content management server

* Solicit and/or write articles for posting on the CHN website, prepare frequently asked questions and answers
Contract position


* Fluently bilingual, able to support collections development in both official languages strongly preferred (lesser language skills will be considered only if qualified candidates are not available)

* University/college degree in library science, library technicians, information sciences, health informatics, or other health field with information experience

* Knowledgeable about the nature, organization, cataloguing, classification, storage and retrieval, and management and administration of e-health information, resources and users

* Experienced in web content management systems, tools and servers including minimum 1 year working in a web environment

* Experienced in writing abstracts or summaries

* Demonstrated reliability, effective communication skills, ability to work semi-independently, team experience

* Volunteer or work experience in health promotion or prevention services is an asset

The Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC)/ Le Centre ontarien d'information en prevention, in conjunction with the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto (CHP), has been selected as the new Health Promotion Affiliate for the Canadian Health Network (CHN). The CHN website ( makes timely, relevant e-health information accessible to all Canadians.

As the Health Promotion Affiliate, OPC and CHP will leverage our wide-ranging experience, contacts, networks, skills, and strategic and collaboration expertise to market and promote the use of CHN's effective tools. This will involve supporting network development, including building the collection of health promotion resources available for the CHN health promotion area of the site.

For more information on our organizations please see our websites at and

Please apply in writing no later than 5:00 p.m. by June 22 to

Wendy Pinder

Project Manager

CHN Health Promotion Affiliate