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Health Promotion, Peer Education Coordinator, Health Services/ Health Promotion, University of Ottawa

Full-time, 35 hours per week

Salary: $38,000-$40,000

Organization Description

Health Services/Health Promotion is made up of a dedicated team of professionals, student staff, and volunteers. Through a variety of educational programs, we inform students on health and wellness issues, while encouraging the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyle choices.

Position Summary

Coordinate all components of the Peer Health Education Program and other student lead activities.

Essential Qualifications

* Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 2 years experience in a related field

* Fluent bilingualism (French and English)

* Experience in staff supervision

* Experience in coordination of a volunteer program

* High motivation, self-direction, and able to work with minimal supervision

* In-tune with students' needs

* Strong organizational and leadership skills

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

* Computer literacy: Word, E-mail, Internet, Excel, Power Point

* Knowledge in areas of stress management, alcohol/drugs, sexuality and nutrition is an asset

* Knowledge in health promotion models and theories is an asset


1. Ensure student implication and active involvement, the incumbent will recruit, train and supervise teams of students in order to deliver educational presentations and awareness raising activities.

2. Establish content and format of peer education activities by

* Identifying student needs for health education/programs,

* Evaluating program objectives along with effectiveness of educational tools, and

* Researching, developing and maintaining educational tools.

3. Work closely with Peer Education student Team Leaders in order to

* Provide leadership guidance and coaching in managing a group of volunteers;

* Integrate team building, socials, and award/recognition;

* Plan on-going training; and

* Ensure all presentation and activity reports are completed and analysed.

4. Revise and edit all communication related to the Peer Education program.

5. Maintain close liaison and collaboration with key student services personnel, university departments, and various community services.

6. Plan and develop seminars in response to specific requests from various student services and university departments.

Please submit your resume to the following coordinates by March 28, 2005:

Monique Maisonneuve, Manager

Health Services/Health Promotion

University of Ottawa

203-85 University Private

Ottawa, ON K1N 5N6

[email protected]

Fax: (613) 562-5308