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Childproofing for Environmental Health National Awareness Campaign

Available at

* Media Release
* Health and the Environment--A Primer (large download, 2.5 MB)
* Is it Safe-- Childproofing for Environmental Health (brochure)

Available at
* media release
* backgrounder
* detailed technical report
* summary report
* transmittal report to Board of Health

organizations of the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and
Environment include Canadian Association of Physicians for the
Environment; Canadian Child Care Federation; Canadian Environmental Law
Association; Canadian Institute of Child Health; Environmental Health
Clinic, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre; Learning
Disabilities Association of Canada; Ontario College of Family
Physicians; Ontario Public Health Association; Pollution Probe; South
Riverdale Community Health Centre; Toronto Public Health

For more
information, contact Kathleen Cooper, Senior Researcher, Canadian
Environmental Law Association, at (416) 960-2284 x221 or
[email protected].