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About OHPE

The Ontario Health Promotion E-mail Bulletin (OHPE) is a weekly newsletter for people interested in health promotion. It is produced by Health Nexus

We provide information on workshops, conferences, job postings, projects, issues and resources. Events, announcements and jobs are included in each Friday's email. Features and resources are included every second week.

You can join our 7800+ readers by subscribing from our home page or by emailing

All past issues are stored in our searchable database. You can also browse by complete issues or by individual entries for events, announcements, job postings, feature articles or resources.

We welcome submissions of events, announcements, job postings, feature articles, resources and letters to the editor.

About Health Nexus

Health Nexus is Ontario's longest standing health promotion organization. For more than 30 years, we have been leaders in innovation, connection and collaboration in Ontario and beyond. We are a bilingual organization that supports individuals, organizations and communities to strengthen their capacity to promote health. Our work is grounded in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and we view health broadly.

Equity, inclusion, engagement and resilience are the touchstones of all our work.

As a designated French language services provider Health Nexus is committed to providing effective services in both English and French.

The OHPE's counterpart in French is Le Bloc-Notes. A major Health Nexus program is Best Start: Ontario's Maternal, Newborn and Early Childhood Development Resource Centre.

Health Nexus wishes to acknowledge and thank Public Health Ontario and THCU staff and the many partners who contributed to the development of OHPE over the years.

Content of the OHPE Bulletin is provided as an information-sharing service. Inclusion of information and resources does not represent endorsement by Health Nexus or its funders.

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