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Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Resources from THCU

Evaluating Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion
(PDF 1,132kb)
This Info-pack focuses on key aspects of evaluation within the CWHP
framework. It is designed for busy practitioners who support the
development of CWHP initiatives in their community and would like to
access practical, 'how-to' information about program evaluation.

Introduction to Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Info-pack
(PDF 1,264 kb)
This Info-pack is designed for health promotion practitioners who are
relatively new to the area of workplace health promotion or are looking
for a refresher on current theory and practice. It provides an overview
of comprehensive workplace health promotion, examines steps for helping
workplaces take effective action, shares practical ideas and strategies
to consider, and outlines available resources. Content used for this
info pack draws heavily on existing THCU documents: Literature Review,
Stakeholder Analysis, Our Approach, Conditions For Successful Workplace
Health Promotion Initiatives, and Well Regarded Initiatives.

Influencing the Organizational Environment to Create Healthy Workplaces Info-pack
(PDF 1,371 kb)
This Info-pack focuses on one element of the CWHP approach - the
organizational environment. It is designed for practitioners who
support the development of healthy workplaces in their community and
would like to increase their understanding of the ways in which the
organizational environment affects workplace health. It also provides
practical ideas about what practitioners can do to promote healthy
workplace environments.

The Case for Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion: Making "Cents" of a Good Idea
(PDF 252 kb)
This is an updated version of the June 2003 document, which discusses a
rationale for investment in CWHP and outlines nine critical success
factors in workplace health promotion.

Well-Regarded Initiatives for Workplace Health & Wellness Promotion
(Word 418 kb)
Well-Regarded Initiatives (WRI) for Workplace Health and Wellness
Promotion is a compilation of summaries of exemplary health and
wellness practices that various Canadian organizations have initiated
into their workplaces. This compilation is not meant to be
comprehensive but rather aims to provide a sampling of businesses which
can serve as models for those considering incorporating workplace
health and wellness programs into their business plan.