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Public Health Core Competencies Initiative

It is time to help shape the OPHA Public Health Core Competencies
Initiative!  Our consultation process is different from any other
process that has ever occurred in Ontario.  For it to be
successful we need to hear from public health professionals
representing all staffing levels and disciplines across the Ontario
public health system. Participants who attended the January 16 workshop
have been asked to ensure five people from their organization or
constituent society share their experience using the link below. 
However, this process allows everyone working in public health to
participate.  It doesn't matter where you are in Ontario, you are
a "click" away from informing the Public Health Core Competencies

We ask that you take some time (less than 1 hour, on average 20 to 40
minutes)  between January 23 and 30 to share your experience and
help shape public health core competencies in Ontario.

This information will be used at the February 2 and 3 workshop.

Please visit our website at to see how you can become involved.