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Scientist, Health Promotion, Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, WHO

Contract type: Fixed-term appointment
Duration:  Two years  
Duty Station:  GENEVA Switzerland

Objectives of the Programme

The objectives of the Departmental Programme are to promote health at
local, national and global levels, especially for disadvantaged
populations; slow and reverse the adverse trends in the common chronic
disease risk factors by providing guidance for national policies and
programmes; prevent premature deaths and avoid unnecessary disability
through guidance to countries on the evidence based management of the
major chronic diseases and their risk factors; help build national
capacity for health promotion and integrated chronic disease prevention
and control programmes across all levels of care; support the
development of tools and methods for increasing the use of information
for health policy; and focus on heart disease, stroke, cancer and
diabetes and their common risk factors, and blindness and deafness.

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