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CIHR Grant--Analysis of the World Health Survey Data

In 2002-03, the World Health Organization (WHO) undertook the World Health  Survey (WHS) (, which involved  the participation of seventy countries ( 
A sub-set of these surveys were completed in 2004. The survey was
implemented in an effort to strengthen the evidence base needed by
policy makers to improve programs and policies that have an impact on
the health of populations and health systems.  The WHS provides
comprehensive baseline information on the health of populations and on
the outcomes associated with the investment in health systems and their

The purpose of this CIHR-Institute of Population and Public
Health/World Health Organization/Statistics Canada initiative is to
provide an enhanced opportunity for expert analysis of the WHS data by
Canadian researchers, together with international research

The maximum amount awarded for a single grant is $ 40,000 per annum for
up to one year, including equipment (e.g., data infrastructure costs.).

The registration deadline for applications is April 1st, 2006. Full
applications are due on May 1st, 2006.  For more information,
please see

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