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Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre Launch

With funding and support from the Government of Ontario, SMARTRISK is
pleased to announce the launch of the Ontario Injury Prevention
Resource Centre. This initiative is designed to strengthen the impact
of programs and strategies in order to reduce the incidence of injury
and its economic burden in Ontario. Our services and products include a
mix of

  • Consultations and referral services to support needs of local injury prevention projects
  • Communication and linkage services designed to facilitate connecting those involved with injury prevention
  • Provincial and regional training opportunities for skill
    development specifically to support injury prevention practitioners and
  • Resource development and dissemination aimed at improving access
    to injury prevention resources and programming, including designated
    best practices

The Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre is a new member of the
Ontario Health Promotion Resource System, a network of organizations
dedicated to building capacity for health promotion in Ontario (

If you wish to have more information about the Ontario Injury
Prevention Resource Centre, or other injury prevention initiatives,
please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us at
(416) 977-7350 or To learn more, go to our website,
the SMARTRISK Navigator, at