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Active Grey Bruce 2010 Physical Activity Strategy, Active Grey Bruce 2010 Committee

A comprehensive strategy with an emphasis on marketing and communications, physical activity planning and program development.

1.0 Introduction/Background
Thirteen communities within Grey and Bruce Counties along with the Grey
Bruce Health Unit and support from both County Councils are embarking
on an initiative to develop a strategy to benefit both residents and

Funding has been secured by thirteen communities (as listed below),
County Councils, Grey Bruce Partners In Health and the Ministry of
Health Promotions - Communities In Action Fund.

Partners include Township of Huron Kinloss, Lucknow & District
Joint Recreation Board, Municipality of Meaford, Municipality of
Kincardine, Town of Saugeen Shores, Town of Hanover, Municipality of Brockton, Municipality of South Bruce, Municipality of
Arran-Elderslie, Municipality of West Grey, Town of The Blue Mountains,
Town of South Bruce Peninsula Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey Bruce Health Unit

ACTIVE 2010 is a comprehensive strategy to increase participation in
sport and physical activity throughout Ontario.  It comprises the
sport strategy and physical activity strategy which together address
the development of amateur sport and initiatives to increase physical
activity in Ontario.

Goals of ACTIVE 2010 are

  • To create opportunities for Ontarians to become involved in quality sport activities
  • To enhance opportunities for Ontarians to participate in daily physical activity
  • To increase the number of Ontarians who value and believe participation
    in sport and physical activity is an integral and essential part of
    life in Ontario.

The Objectives of ACTIVE 2010 are:

  • Increase physical activity from 48% to 55% by 2010
  • Implement the sport strategy in partnership with sector stakeholders.
  • Enhance sport development leading up to the 2010 Olympics
  • Leverage government resources to strengthen the sport, physical activity and recreation sector.

2.0 Project Purpose

To develop a Physical Activity Strategy that will provide effective
planning tools to mobilize community action as it relates to increasing
physical activity levels for the next 4 years and beyond.  

Available data indicates that 54% of Grey Bruce residents have a level
of physical activity considered inactive, slightly higher than the
provincial average of 50%.
Data also indicates that the health status of the general population is
below what could be expected given the experience in all of
Ontario.  Bruce County is considered a "hot spot" in Ontario in
terms of having a high rate of heart disease.

Circulatory disease accounts for 40% of the deaths in Grey Bruce.
Approximately 600 deaths per year are related to circulatory disease.
Over the last 10 years or so, mortality rates for circulatory have
declined significantly in Ontario and Southwest Ontario, however,
decreases in the rates for Grey and Bruce Counties have been smaller
and non significant. Age standardized mortality rates of circulatory
disease in Bruce County are significantly higher than Ontario rates.
Rates for Grey County are slightly higher than Ontario.

Challenges facing this group of municipalities in undertaking a comprehensive planning process include:  

  • municipalities are small and have limited staff and programming resources
  • recent municipal restructuring has changed the way recreation services are delivered
  • communities to be served have a dispersed population and engaging
    community residents from outlying areas in programming and sport
    strategies is difficult.

3.0 Project Approach/Philosophy

Three approaches to addressing how we attempt to change behaviour have guided the discussions.

The Education Approach - information giving, skill development and training

The Policy Approach - adoption of formal or informal policies by
responsible bodies that can contribute to norms that promote healthy

The Environmental Approach - community development activities such as
health advocacy initiatives with high media profile, support groups,
special events, information and services, promotions and advertising.

To have a large impact on behavior in a population, you need to include all three approaches in your project.

Source:  Ministry of Health
Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Program
Community Health Promotion In Action Guide   

4.0     Goals and Strategies

4.1 Goals

  • To educate residents about the health benefits of daily physical activity
  • To create opportunities for a collaborative and community specific strategies to increase phyysical activity.
  • To increase all residents level of physical activity - target 10% increase by 2010

This strategy is intended to emphasize the importance of physical
activity and the key measures needed in the Counties of Grey and Bruce
to increase activity levels.  In particular the strategy aims to

  • Persuade the public and key decision makers that physical inactivity is a major health threat
  • Offer a clear strategy for increasing levels of physical activity
  • Encourage greater joint planning, promotion and implementation across a common set of priorities
  • Maximize the match between the Grey Bruce Physical Activity Strategy and that of other key regional and national initiatives
  • Prioritize a number of key projects that will make significant in-roads to achieving the strategy's goals in the early years

4.2 Strategies

Note:  The communities would expect the plan to include, but not
necessarily be limited to, strategies such as the following:

Marketing/Media Strategy

To ensure that ACTIVE Grey Bruce 2010 is promoted and highly visible.

  • The collaborative wishes to develop a brand or theme that will be used
    consistently throughout Grey and Bruce Counties, to generate brand
  • Create seasonal promotional tools
  • Create a toolkit with templates that could be used by all Community
    Action Teams to promote the initiative within their organizations and
    to their clients
  • Compile best practices for social marketing strategies
  • Recommend innovative social marketing strategies and identify steps for implementation

Communications Strategy

To ensure that a consistent message is utilized by all partners.

  • Recommend an annual communications strategy including vehicles for
    distribution (i.e. website, libraries, school newsletters, media).
  • Recommend the best strategy for web site design considering ongoing
    maintenance and financial obligations - possibly linked to existing
    municipal sites
  • Review and recommend the purpose and design of a website (i.e. event
    information, education resources  tracking, testimonials).


To motivate community engagement.

  • Recommend strategies for overcoming identified barriers to active living
  • Design an ACTIVE Grey Bruce 2010 launch with implementation strategy for 13 communities
  • Campaign/Contest as part of the launch
  • Creation of annual/seasonal signature events
  • Recommend 4 event strategies (leading up to 2010) that are specific to
    target groups as identified in community assessments/current research
    via Ministry, Public Health, Owen Sound Physical Activity Plan
  • Identify existing events and promotional activities and recommend
    strategies to promote and implement locally (i.e. Summer Active -
    Provincial, Turn of The Screens - Public Health).

Implementation Strategy

To ensure ease of use and long term sustainability.

  • Products for staff or community volunteers - Tool Kits, How-To Packages
  • Provide tools for community engagement which will be instrumental to
    the implementation of strategies - as visioned through the Community
    Action Teams

Resource Review

To ensure best/promising practices are considered.

  • Compile existing best practices from local, provincial and
    international sources in regards to promoting Active Lifestyles and
    suggest strategies for implementation across Grey and Bruce communities
  • Identify education and awareness resource material for reproduction or distribution either via the web or some other format

Sponsorship Strategy

To ensure long term sustainability through the creation of diverse community commitment.

  • Develop a strategy to generate corporate sponsorship and garner community support
  • Create sponsorship package to be included in the Marketing Tool Kit

Community Partnerships Strategy

To ensure that strategies are tied to appropriate links in the community

  • Develop a community engagement package/presentation to include:
  • ACTIVE Grey Bruce 2010 purpose and "what's in it for me" messaging
  • Written commitment to facilitate buy in from all sectors that clearly
    indicates their involvement to increasing the physical activity levels
    of Grey Bruce residents by 10% by the year 2010
  • Identify sectors and suggestions for their role that fits with the
    overall governance structure (i.e. Workplace, Schools, Health Care
    Providers, Minor Sport Groups, Tourism).

Evaluation/Tracking Strategy

To ensure a simplistic methodology to track outcomes/successes.

  • Consider existing tracking methodologies (i.e. within the health care
    system or Municipal Performance Standards) to use as a starting point
    or to collaborate with.
  • Recommend tools each community will use to track the overall
    effectiveness of ACTIVE Grey Bruce 2010 campaign annually for the next
    four years.
  • Measurement process should be as simple and cost effective as possible

Operation/Governance Strategy

To ensure an operating infrastructure is in place to sustain project momentum to 2010.

  • Recommend an overall governance structure to operationalize the strategies for years to come.
  • Define role and structure of Community Action Teams i.e. local advocacy
  • Define role and structure of the ACTIVE Grey and Bruce Steering Committee
  • Consider and make recommendation for ongoing operating funds to ensure
    sustainability for current and future partners/communities.
  • Consider opportunities to merge with other community health networks and initiatives.

5.0    Public Consultation

Identify and obtain input from stakeholders to determine strategies and gage commitment

Stakeholders to include but not limited to, community organizations,
community sport groups, school board officials, staff and students,
public health staff, municipal leaders, volunteers of health
organizations, the general public

Six (6) - Key Informant Interviews/Focus Groups with the following:
Media, Health/Social Professionals, School Boards, Wellness Private
Sector,Seniors, Workplace/Corporate

Two (2) - Workshops For Community Action Team Leaders

Participation will be by invitation with selection process to be guided by the Consultant.
Workshop purpose:

  • To inform, motivate and engage community leaders for community action teams
  • To provide tool kits including a power point presentation to facilitate
    the development of community Action Teams in each of the 13 communities.

6.0    Information Available

  • Other Physical Activity Plans
  • Related Public Health documents/reports and staff
  • Community Matters Document - United Way
  • Ministry of Health Promotions - Sport and Recreation Branch - Regional Consultant
  • ACTIVE 2010 website
  • County of Bruce
  • County of Grey
  • Individual Municipalities and their representatives

7.0    Work Plan/Work Approach

The Physical Activity Strategy shall be a "User Friendly" document with
information and recommendations of the Strategy to be readily
accessible and easily understood by the community user.  The
Consultant shall provide the Committee with the following:

  • 25 copies of the final report including relevant appendixes and tool kit resources
  • (all Tools/Templates should be able to be manipulated/camera ready).
  • 15 digital copies in PDF format, burned on CD - including report analysis and evaluation data
  • 15 copies of the Initial Draft Report (preliminary report)
  • Organization and facilitation of six (6) key informant sessions and two
    (2) Community Action Team Leader workshops.  These
    sessions/workshops to be planned in consultation with the Physical
    Activity Steering Committee.  Note that hall rental, refreshments,
    audio visual aids to be supplied by the host municipality as well as
    assistance with session coordination.  
  • Monthly review meetings with the Steering Committee (maximum of 10)
  • Final presentation to the Steering Committee
  • Listing of groups referenced

The Strategy shall represent a targeted, focused and comprehensive
approach to increasing physical activity in Grey and Bruce
Counties.  The Physical Activity Strategy document shall encompass
the deliverables as outlined in section 4.0 with key recommendations
for each.

Recommend detailed, sound and realistic financial forecasts for the operational maintenance of Physical Activity Strategy.

Provide community how to tools/templates that will determine success of the Strategy.

It is anticipated that the awarding of the Physical Activity Strategy
will take place in February 2006.  The study period and final
draft plan will occur March 2006 through to December 2006 with the
following suggested key milestones.

March 2006    Initial meeting with Steering Committee to introduce work plan and schedule

April 2006        Establish Key Informant Plan

May/June 2006    Key Informant meetings are conducted

July 2006        Key Informant Debrief and Community Action Team Planning

September 2006    Draft Preliminary Report Due to Committee

October 2006        Community Action Team Workshops

November 2006    Final Report Presentation and Plan for Launch

December 2006    Plan for Launch

January 2007        Launch

8.0    Roles and Responsibilities

The consulting firm may subcontract and oversee a team of consultants
with specific expertise in one or more of the following areas: 
research, physical activity planning and program development, community
development, partnership development, and marketing and communications
(including social marketing).

The consultant shall report to and communicate with the Steering
Committee at monthly meetings and consider all Committee consensus
input towards the Physical Activity Strategy recommendations.  To
ensure consistent and effective communications, the principal liaison
for the Committee shall be the Chair of the Steering Committee, who
shall receive a written status report prior to monthly meetings with
the Steering Committee.

Administration and prep for key informant meetings will be done in conjunction with Steering Committee.

It will be the responsibility of the Consultant to provide their own
office location and all office requirements to complete the Physical
Activity Strategy.  They must supply the committee a fax number,
phone number and email, with cell number being optional.

9.0    Reporting Format

  • Develop work plans and project tasks
  • Provide monthly progress reports
  • Provide Preliminary Report
  • Provide Final Report

10.0    Budget

$35,000 to $40,000 ceiling including taxes

11.0    Proposal/Submission Requirements

Request for Proposals are to be received in a sealed envelope by the Town of
Saugeen Shores no later than 4:00 PM on Tuesday February 21, 2006.

8 copies of the proposal must be submitted to

ACTIVE Grey Bruce 2010 Committee
c/o Jayne K. Jagelewski
Manager of Recreation and Culture
Box 820
Town of Saugeen Shores
Port Elgin, ON  N0H 2C0

The proposals must include the following information:

  • The key individual and other personnel to be involved in the development of the Physical Activity Strategy
  • Experience with similar projects and references for said projects, plus visual aids of recent studies if available
  • A general approach description and a comprehensive work program for addressing all elements of the RFP.
  • A detailed work plan and schedule broken down to identify major tasks
    and time lines for each with confirmation that the proposed schedule
    for the project is realistic or alternatively, submission of a
    tentative schedule proposed by the consultant outlining the work plan
    and process to achieve the objectives of the project.
  • A clear understanding of the project objectives as outlined in 4.0.
  • Detailed description of project approach and methodology.
  • A detailed financial quote for completing all aspects of the Physical
    Activity Strategy including estimated cost value applied to each of the
    Objectives/Strategies as outlined in 4.2.
  • Must name subconsultants including contact name and reference
  • A fee schedule of each person/sub consultant associated with the project.
  • Identification of the lead firm and principal contact person.
  • List of contact persons from previous projects noted who would provide
    reference for the firm and its ability to carry out this project.

12.0 Qualification/Selection Criteria

Consultants will be short-listed to present their specific proposals to
the Selection Committee by Monday March 6th, 2006.  The committee
shall assess the presented proposals in the following areas:

  • Resources and experience of the consultant firm in successfully completing similar work.
  • Experience, qualifications and availability of consultant team members and any named subconsultants.
  • Demonstrated ability of the consultant to develop and produce a
    financially responsible and implementable Physical Activity Strategy
    which includes all study components listed in Section
  • 4.0
  • Evidence of successful application of processes in one or more of the
    following areas:  research, physical activity planning and program
    development, community development, partnership development, and
    marketing and communications (including social marketing).
  • Proven ability to meet time-lines and budgets on past comparable projects.
  • Understanding of objectives as stated in Section 3.0 and 4.0, including
    effectiveness, applicability, completeness and presentation of the work
  • Financial quote.