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Basic Facilitation Skills Workshops

Ryerson University, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, in
partnership with RANA International Inc. is pleased to announce 
this highly interactive three day workshop designed to prepare you for
certification by the International Association of Facilitators, and
enter the field of facilitation as a practitioner.

Webster defines "facilitation" as "increased ease of performance of any action."

These workshops are the state-of-the art training that has made many
facilitators so successful in their organizations or in their private
practice. They provide full integration of the processes, techniques
and logistics of facilitation and the vocabulary of the field. For some
participants, the concepts and practices presented will be new. For
others, they will confirm their current approach and perhaps offer
alternatives. For all participants, the workshop offers an integrated
framework for facilitation, including the means to continuously learn
new ideas for making the facilitator's work more useful to the group.

For additional information and to register for this valuable workshop
please go to the following website or contact Lynn Deegan at Ryerson
University or Paul Dobson at RANA