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Call for Nominations of Well-Regarded Workplace Health Promotion Programs

The Health Communication Unit, at the Centre for Health Promotion at
the University of Toronto, is in the sixth year of its Workplace Health
promotion Project, now funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health
Promotion.  This year we are looking for a variety of accessible,
useable and well-regarded workplace health promotion programs for
adoption/adaptation by workplace intermediaries.

Well-regarded programs are exemplary interventions identified by a
credible source as programs that have yielded positive outcome and/or
impact results in that setting using a sound evaluation process. 

Your assistance would be most appreciated in

  • forwarding this request for nominations to your colleagues in
    workplace health so they might pass well-regarded program ideas on to
  • forwarding names of people you would recommend we connect with to collect well-regarded programs
  • forwarding information about well-regarded programs as described
    above.  In this case, a contact name and email/phone would be
    invaluable for us to collect additional details on each tool.

Our project timelines allow for us to be in this broad collection mode until the end of February.

Please forward your nominations to Ali Kilbourn at