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Substance Abuse Prevention Educator, Council on Drug Abuse

Position Type: Contract - Part

The mission of the Council on Drug Abuse (CODA) is to prevent and
reduce substance abuse through education impacting children and youth.
CODA is a charitable, non-profit organization that has sponsored and
continues to sponsor preventive alcohol and other drug education
programs in schools for students, teachers and parents. Each year, CODA
touches the lives of thousands of students, teachers and parents in
Ontario and beyond. Case studies and testimonials bear this out. CODA
receives financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and
Long-Term Care. It also relies on foundations, corporations and
individuals to complement its program funding requirements.

CODA is currently recruiting Educators located throughout the province
of Ontario who are qualified to deliver substance abuse prevention
education to youth. CODA will provide program and education training to
all qualified candidates on March 1, 2 & 3, 2006 in Toronto - a
condition of application for one of these positions is your ability to
attend this training workshop. All related workshop expenses including
transportation to Toronto, accommodation and meals will be paid by CODA.

Job Summary

Contract position under the general direction of the Executive
Director, the Educator develops and conducts programs of substance
abuse prevention education for youth aged 12-18.


  1. Provides substance abuse prevention education in group settings
    to assist youth (and those effecting youth) in understanding substance
    abuse problems.
  2. Trains youth (and those effecting youth) to deliver peer-to-peer substance abuse prevention education programs.
  3. Develops and conducts substance abuse prevention education
    workshops, seminars and other outreach programs designed to educate
    youth (and those effecting youth) population in matters related to
    substance abuse prevention.
  4. Develops student-based volunteer peer education programs and
    trains and supervises student volunteers recruited to assist in such
  5. Keeps informed of current developments and treatment programs in
    the field of substance abuse and substance abuse prevention education
    and maintains a network of professional contacts locally, nationally
    and internationally.
  6. Maintains any necessary files and records.
  7. Serves as a resource and consultant to CODA.
  8. Evaluates effectiveness of substance abuse prevention education
    programs and institutes changes or recommends major changes to the
    Executive Director.
  9. Attends informative, internal meetings as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Complete 3-Day CODA Educator training program "Drugs & the
    Brain: A Neuro-Developmental Approach" (March 1, 2 & 3, 2006,
    Toronto, Expenses Paid)
  2. Post-Secondary degree in education, counselling, addiction services, public health or other related field
  3. At least 5 years experience working with substance abuse in an education setting

Other Qualifications

  1. Fluent bi/multi-lingual language (English must be one) skills--written & spoken--not mandatory but preferred
  2. Must be legally eligible to work in Canada
  3. Must provide valid BIN/GST registration information
  4. Must provide 3 professional references
  5. Must provide police reference report (criminal record check) not
    to exceed 30-day validation date--if a criminal record exists, further
    extensive investigation will be required before we will proceed with
    training/hiring process
  6. Excellent writing, presentation and consultation skills
  7. Strong team abilities required

Job Contact Information

Executive Director, Council on Drug Abuse

For more information visit