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Capacity Building Project of EuroHealthNet, European Public Health Alliance

"This project brings together Public Health and Health Promotion
Agencies from eight New Member States (Czech Republic, Estonia,
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia), two accession
countries (Bulgaria and Romania), as well as Greece.

T"he project's general objective is to improve the capacity of the
participating agencies to respond effectively to the major health needs
in their countries. Priority will be given to assessing the existing
capacity of the agencies to apply cross-cutting approaches to health

"The second objective is to strengthen the links between the National
Agencies for Public Health and Health Promotion in the New Member
States and accession countries and corresponding agencies in the 'old'
Member States. Training sessions will be organised to improve new
member's knowledge with respect to the core activities of the Network
in the field of health inequalities, healthy ageing, health impact
assessments (HIA) and mental health, the EU context in which it is
operating, cross cutting approaches to health and strategic
programming." [from]