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Sources for Health Promotion Definitions

This OHPRS online course includes a Glossary at

The WHO Health Promotion Glossary
Visit (link opens PDF file) to download WHO's 1998 glossary.

Health promotion resources, at,
provides definitions, milestones, key documents, and a history of
health promotion at the organization.

The Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada
CDPAC Definitions is an A-Z list:

Public Health Agency of Canada, HP Definitions
At their page, Implementing the Population Health Approaches,,  the agency provides their health promotion definitions. 

Public Health Agency of Canada, Determinants
What Determines Health, at, has a table, Underlying Premises and Evidence Table, which covers the Determinants of Health.

OHPE Subject Search Framework
you can view the OHPE Bulletin's list of subject areas, including
Action Areas, Foundations Of Health Promotion, Issues, Settings,
Determinants, Generic Strategies, and Priority Populations.