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RFP--Walkable Communities Facilitator


On behalf of Walk ON, Healthy Living Niagara is accepting proposals for
a consultant or team of consultants to help design and to facilitate a
series of workshops and follow-up sessions about walkable communities.
Walk ON aims to promote the development of communities that support
walking for transportation, health and recreation. The primary
objectives of the workshops and follow-up sessions are

  • To mobilize communities to focus on improving the built environment through education and access to resources
  • To help communities from across Central West Ontario to support a healthier lifestyle by improving their walking environment


Walk ON works with community based groups and regional organizations to
facilitate the building of walkable communities, to increase awareness
of sustainable transportation and its role in a healthy lifestyle.
Walking and other forms of active transportation can have significant
and favourable impact on our environment, economy, personal and public
health and fitness, enjoyment and safety of our communities.  By
building a safe and friendly environment for active transportation, we
can all realize these benefits.

Walk ON is led by a committee made up of coordinators from the 7 Heart
Health Sites of Central West Ontario. These 7 sites are part of 36
projects that participate in the Ontario Heart Health Program, a
provincial program funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
to address the leading modifiable risk factors (healthy eating,
physical activity, smoke-free living) associated with cardiovascular
disease and chronic disease prevention.  The Central West sites
include Brant, Halton, Haldimand-Norfolk, Hamilton, Niagara,
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, and Waterloo.


  • Pre-Workshop Deliverables: Work with lead contacts at participating
    communities to mobilize participants for a local workshop and follow-up
    session through promotion and consultation.
  • Workshop Deliverables: The outcome of each workshop is a draft walkable communities plan for the participating community.
  • Follow-up Session Deliverable: Support a local group to determine the
    current status of the walkable communities plan and make any necessary

Target Audience: Anyone interested in Health, Recreation,
Transportation and Planning or the Environment will be invited to the
community workshops. To be effective the community's leadership and
decision makers must be involved.  Ideally the following will

  • Politicians (Mayor, Councilors, MP, MPP)
  • Public Health Officials
  • Civil Servants (Police, Planning, Public Works, Recreation)
  • Educators (BoE, administrators and teachers)
  • Business (major employers, CoC, BIA)
  • Community Interests (Environment, Health, Service Clubs, Recreation and Fitness Groups, Bike Clubs)

Contract Deliverables: The consultant will work with direction from
Walk ON Coordinating Committee to complete the following deliverables:

Deliverable and Timeline

  1. Meet with representatives from Walk ON to confirm deliverables,
    review workshop materials and help to design follow-up session
    (location in Central West to be determined) April 2006
  2. Attend walkable communities workshop and parts of a strategic
    planning session with Walk ON being lead by Bob Chauncey in Guelph. Use
    material to help further refine workshop and follow-up.  May 
    4, 5 and 9 2006
  3. Pilot follow-up session in one community that had previously participated in an Active Transportation Workshop.  May 2006
  4. Help to complete the design of walkable community workshops  August 2006
  5. Facilitate 1 pilot  workshop in a community in Central West
    Ontario along with the follow-up session  August 2006 (workshop)
  6. September (follow-up)
  7. Help to fine tune workshop and follow-up session  Winter 2007
  8. Facilitate 7 workshops across Central West Ontario along with follow-up sessions   Winter 2007
  9. Complete a community report of action for the communities to take
    to move ahead with plans for a walkable community to be completed no
    later than 1 week after the completion of the workshop or
  10. Refine the community report of action based on decisions made at
    the follow-up session to be completed no later than 1 week after
    completion of the session

In addition, consultant must work with the Walk ON Coordinating
Committee and may be required to attend up to three meetings in Halton
for approximately 1-2 hours per meeting.


  • Must be able to attend meetings in Halton with Walk ON.
  • Transfer of copyright of any materials prepared as part of this
    contract to Healthy Living Niagara must occur at the end of the
  • Walk ON is not obligated to accept any contract bid submitted.

Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted by email only, until noon on Friday, March
17th, 2006. Only applicants who are granted interviews will be
notified. Interviews will take place during the week of March 27th,

Letters of interest are welcome and should outline the following:

  • An understanding of the scope of the project and of walkable communities.
  • A preliminary work plan outlining the tasks to be undertaken, deliverables, and corresponding timelines.
  • A budget outline.
  • A list of relevant past experiences, related achievements and qualifications.
  • Samples of recent work demonstrating the ability to reach our target audience within the budget allocated.
  • A copy of liability insurance and WSIB clearance if available.
  • Three references from organizations or individuals who have used the consultant's services preferably in a similar capacity.

The consultant for this project will be selected based on

  • Skills and experience in workshop design and facilitation,
  • Familiarity with the target audience,
  • Knowledge of walkable communities
  • Capacity to meet the needs outlined in the deliverables,
  • Ability to adhere to strict timelines and provide quick turnaround on all aspects of this project and;
  • Ability to meet all expectations within an allotted budget and timeline.

Request for Proposal Timelines

Date and Task

  • March 17, 2006 Proposal submission deadline: via email until 12:00
    noon, to Healthy Living Niagara Coordinator,
  • March 24, 2006 Potential applicants will be contacted
  • March 27-April 5, 2006 Interviews with Walk ON representatives
  • April 14, 2006 Contract awarded.
  • April 30, 2007 Contract complete.


This contract is not to exceed $20,000 inclusive of all GST &
related expenses. Consultants may suggest enhancements to deliverables
that could be made pending availability of additional funds. 

Walk ON and Healthy Living Niagara are not responsible for costs incurred in the preparation of any submissions.

Questions about the deliverables for this contract may be directed to

Lisa Gallant, Coordinator, Healthy Living Niagara
Fax: (905) 688-7024