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2006 Annual Report to Canadians from the Health Council of Canada

Released in February, the latest Report to Canadians from the Health
Council of Canada, Health Care Renewal in Canada: Clearing the Road to
Quality, tracks how well the federal government, the provinces and the
territories have done in meeting the commitments they made to renew
health care under the federally funded 2003 and 2004 health care
agreements. The report also recommends how to strengthen the
accountability, co-ordination and sustainability of our health care

Some of the Council's key recommendations include   

  • To improve patient safety, make accreditation for health care facilities mandatory, a condition of public funding.
  • Require the public release of accreditation reports. And
    re-examine no-fault compensation for victims of adverse health care
    events, including the issue of job protection for whistleblowers in
    this effort.
  • Speed up the development of electronic health records. There
    should be electronic health records for all Canadians by 2010. Link
    electronic drug information systems to electronic

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