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28th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference

The 28th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference will focus on strategies to
improve and promote the sexual health and sexual rights of all
Canadians. The 2006 conference will provide a forum to explore
innovative sexual health promotion, harm reduction, and sexual and
relationship enrichment interventions; examine sexual health research;
and to engage in sexual health advocacy with colleagues from coast to
coast, and beyond.  The conference is sponsored by the Department
of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition and the Office of Open

The keynote speakers will be Su Nottingham and Al Craven discussing
Reflections on Sexual Health Education Over the Years; Terry Humphreys,
PhD, Alex McKay, PhD, and Peggy J. Kleinplatz, PhD, discussing
Sexuality in Canada: What's Going On In Research, Education, and
Therapy?; and Reverend Debra Haffner, MPH, M.Div, will explore Claiming
Our Moral Values: Sexuality, Faith and Spirit.

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