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Children, the Feeding Relationship and Weight

Emphasizing the how rather than the what of feeding represents a realistic, humane and
productive way of approaching child overweight.  Satter shares true stories of parents' and
children's struggles that illustrate how conventional approaches to child overweight lay
the groundwork for a lifetime of weight problems. Based on decades of clinical work and
scrupulous attention to research, Satter demonstrates that feeding
children, not depriving them, allows them to be thinner in the long
run. This research and clinically based, practical presentation
introduces the Satter Feeding Dynamics Approach to resolving the
dilemma of child overweight.

As a result of taking the workshop, you will be able to

  • Understand feeding issues as they impact body weight
  • Clarify optimum approaches to feeding that prevent child overweight
  • Consider feeding-relationship based approaches to child obesity treatment
  • Identify the next steps in learning and instituting the feeding dynamics approach to child overweight

Who Should Attend?
Professionals who work with children and their families (birth through adolescence).

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