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New Collaboration Toolkits for Health Care Providers and Planners

A new set of toolkits to help health care providers and planners create
collaborative ventures between mental health and primary care services
has been released by the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health
Initiative (CCMHI).

Of these "implementation" toolkits -- there are also toolkits for
consumers and educators -- the main toolkit is a general guide for
providers who want to collaborate with other providers on delivering
mental health services.  Eight population-specific toolkits are
available as companion documents to the general toolkit. They offer
tips on working collaboratively to meet the mental health needs of
aboriginal peoples, children and adolescents, ethnocultural
populations, rural and isolated populations, seniors, individuals with
serious mental illness, individuals with substance use disorders and
urban marginalized populations.  See the toolkits for health care
providers and planners, February 2006, at
For an overview of how the toolkits were produced, see "In Principle
and in Practice," Network (Winter 2006: 4-7), at

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