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Introduction to THCU's Online, Interactive Campaign Planner

10:30-11:30 a.m.

The Health Communication Unit's Online Interactive Campaign Planner, available at, guides
you through steps 5-7 of THCU's 12 step process to developing health communication campaigns:

  • setting communication objectives;
  • selecting channels and vehicles; and
  • combining and sequencing events.

This handy tool allows you to create, save and print a full text
summary of your campaign, as well as an attractive timeline of
events.  These can then be shared and modified at any time, from
any computer!

During this one-hour session we will demonstrate how to use the
Campaign Planner. It can be used individually, or as a working tool for
a group planning a campaign.  Participants will be linked by
telephone and by an online application that allows us to display
materials, conduct online polls and hold brief chat sessions.

Participation is free of charge to people who work in health promotion
in Ontario. We encourage interested applicants to register as soon as
possible as enrollment will be limited to 40 people.

Please visit or call (416) 978-0522 for information on how to register.