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Food Environments and Obesity--Neighbourhood or Nation?

2:00-4:00 p.m.
University of Toronto, University College, Room 163

Food for Talk presents Steven Cummins, MRC Fellow, Department of
Geography, Queen Mary University of London; Visiting Scholar, School of
Public Health, University of Michigan

In this talk, Steve will be discussing the relation between
environments (broadly defined) and obesity.  Individually focused
dietary interventions attempting to reduce obesity have met with
limited success, with the rapid and widespread increasing prevalence of
obesity only partially explained by individual-level psychological and
social factors associated with diet. Such critiques have led to a new
focus on the "environmental" exposures that encourage excessive food
intake and discourage physical activity. Steve will survey the
international evidence on the effect of the neighbourhood "food
environment" on diet and attempt to draw out some of the key trends,
promises and pitfalls of current research in this area from a variety
of disciplinary perspectives. Aspects of these trends will be
illustrated by some of his recent work undertaken in the UK and USA.

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