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Research Associate/Project Coordinator, School of Health Policy & Management, York University

A team of researchers at York University (Dennis Raphael, School of
Health Policy & Management; Isolde Daiski and Beryl
Pilkington,  School of Nursing) holds funding for a project
examining the social determinants of the incidence and management of
type II diabetes among vulnerable  populations.

The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council of Canada. This study also involves a team at the University of
Alberta.   We are seeking a research associate/project
coordinator to manage and carry out - with the support of the
investigators--the three components of the study over a 30 month period
(2.5 years) beginning in May or June of 2006.  These project
components are: a) analysis of large data sets; b) carrying out and
analysis of in-depth qualitative interviews; and c) consultation with
various stakeholders to identify various policy options to address the
issue of the social determinants of  the incidence and management
of type II diabetes among vulnerable populations.

Qualifications:  We require a person who can work independently to
manage and carry out the components of the study. We see the person as
having trained at the masters level in either health sciences, social
sciences, nursing, nutrition, or a related field. We are seeking
someone with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Thoroughness and attention to detail are essential for this role. 
The person should have experience or familiarity with analysis of large
data sets; experience in conducting and analyzing in-depth qualitative
interviews; familiarity with issues of nutrition and food security with
vulnerable populations; and experience in writing reports. Contacts
with the local service community in Toronto and understanding of issues
facing persons with type  II diabetes would be assets.

These skills will be critical for carrying out the study coordinator's
major responsibilities which will include (1) contacting and working
with data and research agencies to gain access to various data sets for
analysis; (2) contacting and working closely with community
stakeholders to arrange and carry out interviews with community
members; (3) using SPSS to carry out analyses of data sets; (4)
carrying out in-depth interviews and helping to analyze the data that
result from these; (5) working with stakeholders to identify policy
options that flow from these findings; and (6) helping to write the
final reports from the project.

This position is part-time (50%) and is located in the School of Health
Policy & Management at York University's Keele Street campus. 
Salary is $45,000 per annum [prorated at 50%], and includes some

Please forward your CV and covering letter, along with the names and
telephone numbers of 2 references to Dennis Raphael at by May 1, 2006.

[Source: SDOH-L,]