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Prairieaction Foundation 2006 Community Action, Research & Education Grant Program

The Program's goal is to provide research funding for grassroots,
community-based, organizations and projects that are developing
research projects to ultimately eliminate the issues, impacts and
outcomes of family violence and abuse.  This program brings
academics together with front-line agencies, such as women's shelters
and abuse services, to create research partnerships that produce
tangible results in our community. Therefore, we particularly encourage
the submission of grant requests that include both research and
hands-on action.

Application deadline is April 28, 2006. The Prairieaction Foundation's
geographic focus is Canada's Prairie Provinces.  However, the
Foundation accepts applications for research grants from anywhere in

For further details and application form, please visit or contact Sheila Carruthers at the Prairieaction Foundation at (403) 220-8078 or