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New CPRN Report--Canada’s Youth Want In

Canada's newest generation of citizens--aged 18 to 25--is by far the
largest constituency demanding a role in the country's political
processes.  Canadians are used to hearing that this or that region
of the country "wants in" on the nation's political decision making.
But, apart from some hand-wringing over the "disaffection of youth with
politics," the country's leading political institutions at all levels,
from governments to political parties, have done a poor job of
responding to the needs of young citizens.

A new report from CPRN's Public Involvement Network could help to
change that. Towards an Action Plan for Canada: Our Vision, Values and
Actions is the product of a three and a half day National Dialogue and
Summit attended by 144 randomly chosen young Canadians from every
region of the country, all walks of life and diverse cultural
backgrounds.  The report presents their vision for Canada, the
values that inspire it and actions to make it a reality in the key
areas of learning, work, health, the environment and citizenship.

For more information and to access a copy of this report, visit