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Queer Health Matters

519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street
11.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.

Sherbourne Health Centre is excited to present our third annual
community health fair, designed to appeal
to all members of our diverse and vibrant community as well as service
providers working with LGBTTQ communities.  

This free event will feature a range of stimulating activities:

  • Toronto queer and trans health services and community groups will be available to chat and share information
  • Community based researchers engaged in LGBTTQ related projects will describe their work
  • Workshops will profile new and emerging health issues in our communities
  • Alternative health services will offer hands-on demonstrations of different therapies      


  • Same-Sex Partner Abuse: Preliminary Results from a Toronto-based Study with LGBT Women
  • Intersex 101: A Sense of Community and Health Needs
  • I'm in Transition Too: Results from an Interview Study with LGBQ women partners of FTMs
  • A Basic Understanding of Depression & Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • HIV and Mind-Body Medicine: Improving Immunity Through Stress Reduction
  • Queer Parenting Research Updates
  • Taking Care of Business Community Launch (self-injection video screening and panel discussion for FTMs )
  • Warped Mirrors: Body Image Issues from a Transwoman's Perspective
  • Building Healthier Relationships for Queer Youth
  • Top Ten Bisexual Health Issues
  • Self Harm or Safe Ritual? A Discussion on Body Modification and Why We Do It

There will be refreshments and lots of free information.

For more information, call 416-324-4177, email or log onto,

Sponsors: Rainbow Health Network, Canadian Cancer Society, Centre for
Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto Public Health, University of
Media Sponsor: Xtra,