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Project Manager, Mississauga Consumer Health Information Collaborative

The Organization

The Mississauga Consumer Health Information Collaborative (MCHIC) is a
coalition of private, public and voluntary sector/non-profit
organizations that is establishing a consumer health information
delivery system--integrated across all three sectors--that allows
Mississauga residents to access the highest quality consumer health
information through a wide variety of innovative media, communication
channels and venues--when, where and how they need it.

MCHIC will create a coordinated consumer health information delivery
capability across key health-care information provider sites in
Mississauga. This will be accomplished initially by adopting, expanding
and coordinating successful local CHI delivery models and promoting the
services to Mississauga residents. This will be followed by more
ambitious outreach and communication programs.

Current MCHIC partners include The Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium
Health Centre, Mississauga Library, University of Toronto at
Mississauga, and AstraZeneca Canada.

The Job

The MCHIC Project Manager will be responsible for the early stage
development of the MCHIC initiative. The key deliverable of this role
will be a detailed, concrete and specific multi-year operating plan for
the project that is based on comprehensive research and needs analysis.

This role will be a six-month contract position with an option for a six-month extension based on performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

Phase I: Research and needs analysis (four - six months)

  • Conduct inventory and assessment of MCHIC partners' current consumer health information (CHI) programs, resources and offerings;
  • Undertake best practice research on CHI delivery;
  • Identify CHI delivery models;
  • Conduct site visits to leading CHI providers / delivery models;
  • Conduct inventory and assessment of MCHIC partners' and Peel/City
    of Mississauga's current consumer health information (CHI) programs,
    resource centres and consumer health offerings, including community and
    health and social service information providers (e.g., community
    centers, health and social service non-profits, Peel Health, Peel
    Community Connections, Peel InfoNet, various libraries);
  • Identify target audiences and access needs for specific populations or multi-cultural communities
  • Conduct focus groups with consumers from select populations or multi-cultural groups/agencies;
  • Identify target audiences and their specific needs
  • Conduct focus groups with experienced CHI consumers from partner organizations;
  • Assess availability / feasibility of third-party resources;
  • Undertake environmental scan of current / anticipated trends,
    policies, positions on CHI delivery in Ontario (e.g., 211 Ontario
    Project, CHI in LHINs/FHTs, Ontario chronic disease prevention alliance
    strategy, etc.)
  • Assess availability / feasibility of third-party funding;

Phase II: Operating plan development (six months)

  • Prioritize target audiences;
  • Prioritize service delivery options;
  • Recommend preferred delivery / service model;
  • Define program and partner resource and budget requirements;
  • Prepare draft budgets;
  • Prepare a comprehensive business plan;
  • Prepare a detailed multi-year implementation plan;
  • Identify marketing and communications opportunities;
  • Provide tactical recommendations for marketing and communications;

Reporting Relationship

This role reports to the MCHIC steering committee.


To be confirmed; however, it is anticipated that the successful
candidate will work both from home and at a Mississauga-based office.

Required Competencies and Skills (in order of priority)

  • Experience in health promotion and/or consumer health information dissemination
  • Highly developed project management skills
  • Able to work independently--proven self-starter with demonstrated personal initiative
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong experience in information delivery and analysis
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Familiarity with the Ontario health care system
  • Highly developed report writing skills / experience
  • Highly competent in Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel)
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail


  • Library degree from an accredited graduate library or information
    sciences program or Masters level education in health or information
  • Pedagogical training
  • Facilitation skills/experience


Commensurate with experience

How to apply

  1. If you have the required skills and competencies described above,
    prepare a résumé and a cover letter summarizing your qualifications and
    stating why you are interested in this position.
  2. Prepare an email with the job title "MCHIC Project Manager" in the subject line and attach your résumé and cover letter.
  3. Submit via email to no later than April 24,2006.

All applications must be submitted via email. No telephone calls please.