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Call for Papers--Special Issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, Health Security and Disaster Management

This Special Issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health aims to
draw together a body of work to present a more complete picture of
health security and disaster management in the region.  The issue
will contain a number of key papers from the recent APACPH conference
held in Taipei on Health Security and Emerging Disasters.  It
provides a  unique opportunity to examine some of the major
questions, at a time when governments are under increasing pressure to
find ways to protect their citizens and those of the Region.  It
will also highlight where future research endeavours might be
focused.  We are particularly interested in papers of an
inter-disciplinary nature and those that include comparative research
in more than one country.  We are seeking theoretical, conceptual,
analytic, empirical and journalistic pieces.   We will also
consider artwork and photo-essays of relevance.

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