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Wellesley Central's Upcoming Workshops

CAP110- The Fine Art of Volunteer Management
Next Course Offering: May 04, 2006

CAP113- Introduction to Performance Management
Next Course Offering: May 11, 2006
Trainer: April Boyington Wall
Trainer: Jayne Patterson

CAP108- Great Groups! Facilitation Skills for Working with People
Next Course Offering: May 17, 2006
Trainer: Joan Roberts

CAP109- Strategic Planning: Why, What and How?
Next Course Offering: May 31, 2006
Trainer: Catherine Brooks

CAP111- An Introduction to Marketing for Non-Profits
Next Course Offering: June 08, 2006
Trainer: Joan Roberts, Richard Blickstead

CAP112- All About Advocacy
Next Course Offering: June 13, 2006
Trainer: Joan Roberts

All workshops are only $25 and include a delicious lunch. For more
information and to sign up for workshops go to