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IMPACS Ready, Set, Go! Workshops

From IMPACS, the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society:

You are invited to join us for another round of our popular Ready, Set,
Go! workshop series! Now you can learn more about specific
communication tools and techniques conveniently, from the comfort of
your office or home!

These workshops are skill-packed, interactive and designed to help you rev up your organization's communications.

Ready, Set, Go! workshops will help you:

    * Develop and deliver clear messages
    * Get your organization's stories out in the media
    * Build strong relationships with your key stakeholders
    * Use online tools effectively
    * ......and much more!

If you have access to a phone and a computer connected to the Internet,
you can participate in these exciting workshops. You will learn from
and interact with a facilitator and other participants via
teleconference, while the workshop presentation appears automatically
on your computer. You don't need any special software! It's easy and
convenient, no matter where you are.

These 2-hour workshops are affordably priced at $55 (plus GST) each.
Take three or more and receive a special 10% discount on each session.

Workshop descriptions, dates and times are indicated below. For further information, please visit:

All workshops run either Tuesdays or Thursdays, for two hours.
Depending on where you are in the country, the seminars start at: 10 am
(Pacific), 11 am (Mountain), 12 noon (Central), 1 pm (Eastern), 2 pm
(Atlantic), and 2:30 pm (Newfoundland).

Ready, Set, Go! workshops are developed and delivered by IMPACS, a
Canadian leader in helping nonprofits and charities communicate more

Register now!

Click here to register for Ready, Set, Go! -- May/ June 2006 Workshops

Questions or comments can be directed to :
Contact Name: Wayne Cullen
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 877-232-0122 Ext. 111


Building a Strategic Communications Plan (Formerly "Plan the Work, Work the Plan") -- Thursday May 25

This is a fast-paced workshop that will introduce you to the
foundations of communication planning. Strategic communications can
increase your organization's profile with the media and public, draw in
new donors and volunteers to your work, and increase the credibility of
your organization and the credibility of your issue.

How to Write and Place an Op-Ed Piece -- Tuesday May 30

Op-eds are a way for you to present an in-depth analysis of a
situation, without being mediated by a reporter. You will learn the
successful IMPACS "op-ed formula" - tips, tricks and tools to develop
and structure your op-ed piece so that newspapers will be interested in
running it.

Building Community Online -- Thursday, June 1

Having a strong online community can help your organization mobilize
support, raise money and affect policy changes. This session identifies
what goals are attainable through this sought-after web strategy, and
how to best achieve them. It also uses case studies to uncover methods
for building a solid and supportive online community.

Branding: Building Your Organization's Identity -- Tuesday June 6

Strengthening your organizations' brand identity can help you stand out
and get noticed -- in the way you want to be noticed. Brands often tell
our audience about our positioning, values, reputation and promise.
This seminar will outline the broad strokes needed to understand,
clarify and strengthen your organization's brand identity -- what it
is, what you want it to be, and how to get there.

Website Facelift -- Thursday June 8

Take this session to find out how to look at your website from the
user's point of view. You'll develop a sharper eye for analyzing your
site's surface, content and functionality. We will review current
practices in website graphic design, iconography and writing.

Communicating in Print -- Tuesday June 13

In this workshop you will learn how to create printed materials (e.g.
brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters, reports etc.) that are
well-designed and well-written for their intended target audiences. You
will discover some basic principles you can apply to any print
communication. Note: this workshop does not cover website design or

Writing for the Web -- Thursday, June 15

In this workshop you will learn how users really read the Web, how to
avoid pitfalls, gain tips for better Web writing, discover the
importance of fonts; and, find resources on website writing. You will
have the opportunity to work on your own text to make them more
Web-worthy. Please ensure that you have access to your text file(s) at
the same time as you are participating in the workshop.

All workshops are offered online. Click here for more information on what you need to connect and participate!

IMPACS: 207 West Hastings, Suite 910
Vancouver, British Columbia