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National Mental Health Week

May 1 - 7 is National Mental Health Week

Practice Mind + Body Fitness during Mental Health Week

This year's Mental Health Week - which occurs May 1 to 7 - encourages Canadians to practice mind and body fitness.
The Canadian Mental Health Association hosts the annual country-wide
awareness and education campaign. This year's theme has the goal of
motivating Canadians to improve their mental fitness. According to
CMHA, National, people are increasingly aware of how mental and
physical health affect each other.

During Mental Health Week, people can assess their mental fitness with
CMHA's Mental Health Meter. The meter allows a person to reflect on key
characteristics of positive mental health, including the ability to
enjoy life, resilience, balance, self-actualization and flexibility.

CMHA's website includes information on a variety of ways to build
mental fitness including exercising, eating right and taking control of
stress. See for more information. Take control of your
health. Take care of your mind.

Many CMHA branches in Ontario have organized local events to celebrate
Mental Health Week. For details, see the CMHA Ontario Events Calendar

[Source: Mental Health Notes - Ontario CMHA]