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Healthy Futures Group Workshops

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The Balanced Scorecard: A Tool for Achieving Breakthrough Results
May 25th, at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Instructor: Peter O'Donnell, Healthy Futures Group
Cost: $129 + gst ($138.03)

The Balanced Scorecard concept, introduced in 1992, has been identified
as one of the most significant ideas of the past 75 years by the
Harvard Business Review. It has been implemented in thousands of
corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government departments
worldwide. By integrating a clear performance measurement system with a
robust, strategy-driven management system, the Balanced Scorecard
allows an organization to implement strategy rapidly and effectively.
It is a very effective tool for promoting a high degree of strategic
awareness and ownership by all staff and board members of an

This workshop is specially designed for nonprofit leaders, adapting the
best of current practice in this area to the unique context of today's
nonprofit organization. It presents powerful, practical principles,
tools and processes that can be implemented by any organization. You
will learn:

* How to translate broad strategic goals into SMART operational goals
* How to develop scorecards for every level of the organization, including the board
* How to monitor and communicate organizational performance feedback
* How to integrate performance goals with performance management systems
* How to initiate and support the cultural shifts this will require of your organization

You will learn from brief presentations, recent case examples, and
hands-on exercises. Bring along a copy of your most recent strategic
plan to help you explore how the Balanced Scorecard can help your
organization achieve its most important goals.

Effective Employee Selection Through Behavioural Interviewing
May 30th, at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Instructor: Linda Spence, Healthy Futures Group
$129 + gst ($138.03)

Hone up those interview skills and Get Hiring - the right folks! This
workshop teaches how to design and conduct interviews that effectively
assess job-related skills and behaviours. Featuring the video, More
Than a Gut Feeling III, the session promotes in-depth learning of the
most effective and well-respected approach to employment interviews.
Participants will observe and discuss behavioural interviews, learn the
key concepts and principles, and have the opportunity to try out new
skills and receive feedback. In addition to the interview process
itself, participants will explore other selection activities including
reference checks, assessment tools, and scoring/evaluation mechanisms.

As a result of this workshop participants will be able to enhance organizational hiring effectiveness by learning:

* How to structure and conduct an interview.
* How to construct relevant and job-related interview questions
* How to probe for more information and to seek contrary evidence
* How to avoid the most common legal pitfalls of employment interviewing

To get the most out of this session, participants should bring with
them a job description for a position that they will need to hire for,
and come prepared to participate in extensive role-playing.