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Research Project Director, Community Vitality Project

Interviews will take place with eligible applicants prior to closing date.

Invest in Kids, a national charity - see
-- is undertaking a research project to learn what it takes for parents of young children to be and feel supported in their role as parents in
their communities.  We are very excited about our Community Vitality Project, and are looking for a consultant with that magical combination of a seasoned community researcher with qualitative ad quantitative skills and the ability to synthesize and write well. Content knowledge of survey instruments to measure parenting and child development is a plus, but not essential. Easy access to Toronto is required. The Research Project Director position is part-time for 18 months, salary depends on previous experience. 
The position will be responsible for directing the 3 phase,
multi-method, multi-site research project.  The responsibilities

Phase I: 
1) supervise other researchers as they conduct a literature review and focus groups,
2) conduct key informant interviews, and
3) prepare a full Phase I report that summarizes the findings from these activities.

In Phase II:  Guide and supervise a market research firm on the
content and survey instrumentation needed to create an internet survey
of over 3000 Canadian parents, and liaise with the firm during survey
implementation and report writing.  The Research Director will
summarize the key findings and conclusions from the survey in a report
aimed at policymakers, professionals, and media.

In Phase III:  Establish a relationship with 5 designated
community research sites and engage a survey research firm supplier to
field a survey of parents in these communities.  The Research
Director will summarize the key findings and conclusions from the
survey in a report aimed at policymakers and professionals.  There
is opportunity for greater comprehensive analysis of these findings
with findings from Canada's National Longitudinal Survey of Children
and Youth.

When replying to this ad, please speak to your skills in previous
research project management, statistical analysis, report

Carol Crill Russell, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Vice President, Research