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Three New Resources from the Best Start Resource Centre

A Sense of Belonging:
Supporting Healthy Child Development in Aboriginal Families

There are many things that service providers can do to foster a sense of
belonging in Aboriginal families with young children, connecting parents to
the information and supports that they need in a respectful and caring
manner, acknowledging their strengths and thereby promoting health and
wellbeing. The Best Start Resource Centre has released a resource on healthy
child development in Aboriginal families that was developed through an
Aboriginal researcher and advisory group, with the expertise of Aboriginal
service providers and Aboriginal parents of young children. This
strength-based resource focuses on service provider strategies that can be
used in working with Aboriginal families with young children, including
information about areas of risk and concern, Aboriginal parenting beliefs
and teachings, as well as effective approaches. To view or order this
manual, go to:

Populations at Higher Risk:
When Mainstream Approaches Don't Work

A Best Start Resource Centre "How To" Guide

This resource provides valuable information about how to reach, engage and
meet the needs of sub-populations at higher risk, in the context of
preconception, prenatal and child health. It shares tips and stories about
tailoring services to specific populations of interest. To view or order a
copy of this resource, go to:

Playing it Safe:
Service Provider Strategies to Reduce Environmental Risks to Preconception, Prenatal and Child Health

This Best Start manual was developed in collaboration with the Canadian
Partnership for Children's Health and Environment, a multi-sectoral
collaboration of organizations working to protect children's health from
environmental exposures and toxic chemicals. A companion to "Child Health
and the Environment - A Primer", the resource uses program examples,
insights and tips to share strategies that practitioners can use to address
environmental risks to preconception, prenatal and child health. Information
is included about the context of this work, underlying factors, important
considerations, as well as steps to plan, implement and evaluate work on
this topic.

To view or order a copy of this resource, go to: