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Canadian Active Living Fitness Circuit Charts

The new Canadian Active Living Fitness Circuit Charts by Thompson
Publishing can help you provide youth of all ages and abilities with
physical activity sessions that are safe and fun. The fitness charts
can cater cardiorespiratory and resistance routines to suit the needs
of participants regardless of their current fitness level. 
Leaders simply select the fitness charts that target the muscles they
want their participants to focus on, take them through the exercises
step-by-step, set the number of seconds or repetitions for each
exercise session, and then supervise their fitness circuit sessions.

The fitness charts can be done in recreational settings and/or can be
used to help schools meet the new elementary Daily Physical Activity

Each series comes with a Manual that will allow both the physical
education specialist and non-specialist to make the most of these
exercises in a fitness circuit session.

For more information, please visit or contact Thompson Educational Publishing, Inc. at 416-766-2763.