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New from the Best Start Resource Centre

  • Abuse During Pregnancy--The Best Start Resource Centre has
    revised the popular abuse  during pregnancy materials. To be
    available in English and in  French and released this
  • Have a Ball! Physical Activity Tool Kit Translated into
    French--The "Have a Ball! Physical Activity Tool Kit" includes a 
    variety of materials for promoting and delivering physical 
    activity opportunities for young children. Best Start has 
    translated the Kit into French and it will be available in the
  • Healthy Beginnings: Your Handbook for Pregnancy and Birth--This
    3rd edition was developed by the Society of Obstetricians and 
    Gynecologists of Canada, with input from the Best Start  Resource
    Centre, the Canadian Pediatric Society and a wide  range of expert
    reviewers. "Healthy Beginnings" is a  comprehensive prenatal
    resource, designed to meet the  information needs of couples
    planning a pregnancy, pregnant  women and new parents. Available
    in both French and English.  
  • Low Birth Weight and Preterm Multiple Births--The Best Start
    Resource Centre has revised and updated the  "Low Birth Weight and
    Preterm Multiple Births: A Canadian  Profile" resource. Produced
    in partnership with Multiple  Births Canada, the resource provides
    updated information for  health professionals on the risks related
    to low birth weight  and preterm multiple births as well as
    strategies to assist  families. Available in both English and
  • PPMD--The Best Start Resource Centre is in the
    early stages of  planning a public education and awareness
    campaign on  post-partrum mood disorders. Expected to launch in
    March  2007, the campaign will increase awareness about PPMD
    and  clarify misconceptions. Stay tuned to for details as they unfold.

For information please contact Louise Choquette (Spécialiste en
information bilingue  Centre de ressources Meilleur départ, (416)
408-2249 or 1 (800) 397-9567 (option 3),  ligne directe (705)
788-1558, or Sonia Worotynec, 
Information Specialist Best Start Resource Centre, Ontario Prevention
Clearinghouse, (416) 408-2249 x345,