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Call for Abstracts--National Prevention Summit: Prevention, Preparedness, and Promotion

October 26 and 27, 2006
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

Building on last year's 3rd National Prevention Summit, the upcoming
2006 National Prevention Summit will focus on disease prevention,
health preparedness, and health promotion and will feature innovative
programs that are making a difference in communities across the country
to build a Healthier US.  These programs are focused on healthy
lifestyle choices--eating a nutritious diet, being physically active,
making healthy choices, and getting preventive screenings--to help
prevent major health threats and burdens such as obesity, diabetes,
asthma, cancer, heart disease, and stroke.  One special emphasis
this year will be the prevention of childhood overweight and
obesity.  Another emphasis will be on preparing for public health
emergencies, such as avian influenza.

Abstracts are now being accepted for oral and poster presentations at
the Summit.  Abstract submission closes midnight (central time),
June 23, 2006.  To submit an abstract, visit  Summit registration
will open June 15.