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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Health Settings

9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Department of Public Health Sciences

Global Health Summer Institute Workshop Lead by Alan Levy

This workshop presents models and practical applications of Alternative
Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the workplace, health care, and community
health settings. Instructor presentations, readings, simulations, case
studies, and research will acquaint participants with the advantages and
disadvantages of ADR and give a firm understanding of how to resolve
workplace conflict. Topics include

  • Qualities and functions of successful managers and community leaders
  • Typical prevention efforts including improved communications systems, enhanced conflict management skills
  • Procedures promoting voluntary agreements and changed relationships
  • Role of the coach
  • Third party decision-making procedures

This course will interest health practitioners, administrators,
faculty, and students interested in managing conflict in the workplace,
health care, and community health settings.

Cost--$50.00 for Professionals; $25.00 for Students

Enrollment is limited so please register early.

Registration: Online at or call (416) 978-8849
Information: Email or call (416) 946-7962