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New Report--Public Perception and Acceptable Levels of Health Risk among Canadians

The Applied Research and Analysis Directorate is pleased to announce
the release of the research project entitled  "Public Perception
and Acceptable Levels of Health Risk among Canadians." The research
program developed by Dr. Krewski
examined the factors shaping public perceptions of risk and risk
acceptability, and compared public perceptions of key health risks with
those of experts.  The researchers described profiles of risk
perception and risk acceptability according to type of risk and
sociodemographics and tracked the evolution of these profiles over the
last decade.  The team also examined the role of risk
characteristics with respect to perception and acceptability and
modelled the role of risk perception and acceptability in decisions
about risks, such as judgements and evaluations of risk that have
implications for risk management and policy making.

This research will assist policy makers in formulating policy related
to determining how health risks become acceptable to Canadians and in
decision making related to the factors that influence Canadian public
perception of health risks.

Here is the link to the summary: