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7th FACE Research Roundtable

Crowne Plaza Hotel

FACE (Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise) was created in 2000 to promote
open discussion and collaboration in all areas of medical and social
science research related to the effects of alcohol use during pregnancy
and lactation. Today the FACE Network includes researchers, clinicians,
front-line workers, government and industry representatives and
policy-makers from across Canada.

The 7th FACE Roundtable will crown another year of growing FASD
awareness, consultation, research and achievement in Canada.  The
agenda and registration form are available on-line in the Journal of
FAS International at  
Topics include screening and diagnosis of FASD, the neonatal brain and
early opportunities for successful intervention, and community-based
research in native communities.

The registration deadline is August 29th.   Accommodation at
the Moncton Crowne Plaza should be booked by July 26th (instructions
provided on the registration form).  

Questions?  Please contact Susan Santiago at susan.santiago@SICKKIDS.CA or call (416) 813-8084.

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