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Planning Active Transportation Communities

Go for Green, in cooperation with community partners and funding
provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, will be
conducting a series of Active Transportation (AT) Workshops throughout
the province of Ontario in 2006.

The Planning Active Transportation Communities - Ontario project
is intended to promote the improvement of physical activity among
Ontario residents by engaging up to 15 communities in a process to
evaluate and improve their Active Transportation environment. This
project will provide residents, community leaders, and municipal staff
in the selected locations an opportunity to

  • Learn what local attitudes are toward Active Transportation and
    compare community responses to current national results through a
  • Become familiar with the concept of Active Transportation and its critical importance to public health;
  • Access the current conditions for Active Transportation in their
    community and arrive at a common understanding of its strengths,
    weaknesses, and priorities;
  • Create a vision for their community for improved health and wellness through the promotion of Active Transportation;
  • Develop an action plan of achievable outcomes to promote improved Active Transportation in their community;
  • Review community progress, after an agreed period of time, and to
    conduct a post-action plan assessment to determine future needs and
  • Compare their community with other Ontario communities and current national attitudes.

Currently, nine workshops of the fifteen communities have been
tentatively scheduled  and other communities are considering
holding a workshop, but we still have six spots remaining. If your
community is interested in being involved, or wishes some other type of
presentation on AT, please contact Go for Green.

For additional details about the Planning Active Transportation
Communities - Ontario project, including a sample agenda of the two-day
workshop, please visit
or contact Marc Plante,
Active Transportation Coordinator - Ontario, at (613) 748-1800 x105 or