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Senior Manager Healthy Weights AIM; Research, Advocacy and Health Promotion; HSFO

Reports to: Director, Government Relations and Health Partnerships
Status: Contract, Full time (2 years plus potential for 3 more years)

Purpose/Overall Accountability

The Healthy Weights AIM is an area of significant investment for the
Foundation with the intent that over the next ten years, HSFO will play
a significant leadership role in promoting healthy weights in Ontario

  • A primary focus on public awareness, advocacy and provincial and regional health partnerships supported by
  • A secondary investment in research to inform and evaluate the overall initiative.

The Senior Manager HW AIM is responsible for leading the development,
implementation and evaluation of the Board-approved HW AIM strategy and
programs that generate, transfer and disseminate knowledge in support
of improving CVD outcomes related to healthy weight in Ontario over the
next ten years. The Senior Manager, working with the Director
Government Relations and Health Partnerships, will direct the
implementation of Years 1 and 2 of the strategy and develop a plan for
Years 3-5 for presentation to the Board for approval in March 2008.

General Responsibilities and Specific Accountabilities for Each


A) Program Components

Oversee overall implementation of Years 1 and 2 of strategy, including

i) Local/Regional Advocacy for Physical Activity in Schools

  • Develop a strategy by which the Community Mission Specialists
    engage School Boards and schools to increase physical activity by
    consulting with key stakeholders, assessing current school environment
    and identifying unique opportunities for HSFO
  • Provide direction to the Senior Specialist HW AIM for the
    development of  tools and resources needed to support the
    Community Mission Specialists in their work with School Boards and
  • Develop the criteria, processes and outreach plan and implement a
    pilot Community Advocacy Fund using volunteers as review panels to
    twice a year determine successful applicants

ii) Access to Healthy Foods for All

  • Develop a recommendation to the Board regarding HSFO's role and a
    proposed action plan to address the policy issue of Access to Healthy
    Food for All  including convening a Reference Group of external
    experts to develop recommendations

iii) Provincial Advocacy

  • Develop and implement provincial plan in consultation with Senior Manager, Government Relations.

iv) Public Awareness

  • Develop a proposal for the Board with respect to the appropriate
    public awareness campaign in support of the AIM. Working with a) the
    Director Parent Brand and Manager, Government Partner Programs to
    complete the necessary research and campaign development, b) the
    Manager, Government Relations with respect to potential partnership
    with government and c) potential corporate partners interested in
    sponsoring public awareness.

v) Research

  • Working with the Senior Manager Research to ensure that the
    research components of the Healthy Weights Aim plan are implemented
    effectively, integrated with all other components of the plan and
    completed on schedule.

B) Develop Evaluation plan with the assistance of the Senior Evaluation Specialist
including key year 2 milestones to move ahead for years 3-5.

C) Develop and implement a Communication Plan for the
AIM including the preparation of quarterly reports on the status of the
HW AIM for presentation to the Mission Committee of the Board.

D) Provide input to assist Director, Fundraising, New
Business Development and Manager, Ontario Corporate Development to
secure corporate support and serve as a liaison to major corporate

Strategic Planning

Lead the development of a plan for Years 3-5 of HW AIM for presentation to the Board in March 2008.

People Management

  • Lead a virtual cross-functional staff team in implementing all
    aspects of the plan integrating the work of other key internal leaders
    in all aspects of the HW AIM
  • Lead the development of an effective and high performing team,
    ensuring high standards of deliver, competence and Foundation values
    are maintained and that individuals are well supported in fulfilling
    their accountabilities, developing their skills and achieving their
    career potential.  Specifically
  • Providing clear direction on business goals and priorities; ensure optimal deployment of resources to achieve business goals
  • Establish team performance plan; build a strong team and develop cohesive lateral relationships cross functionally.
  • Establish individual performance plans and objectives and
    review on an ongoing basis; provide coaching and feedback to direct
    • Comply with PDS cycle and at a minimum, conduct two formal reviews during the year; in February/March and in August/September.
    • Establish salary management plans that comply with Foundation compensation policies and procedures.
  • Recruit skilled talent in support of current and future
    Foundation needs, following Foundation policies, interviewing
    methodology and assessment guidelines.
  • Familiarize and comply with all HSFO People Management policies.
    Demonstrate the values and competencies of the Foundation through
  • Ensure accurate administration of employee related information: absence records, vacation, title, etc.
  • Inspire and lead staff through effective people management
    including goal setting, development, coaching and performance
  • Work with external partners, consultants and associated volunteer
    advisory groups/committees to engage required expertise and direction
    in developing and/or implementing plan.

Operations, Business Planning and Budget Management

  • Lead or be part of the development and management of annual
    business plans and financial outlooks and budgets.  Complete a
    detailed monthly review of spending against budget and ensure accurate
    and timely accounting and reporting of expenses and analyze and resolve
  • Familiarize and comply with all HSFO Financial, Accounting, IT,
    Contract and Purchasing Policies and Procedures.   Ensure
    Supplier relationships are properly established, clearly documented and
    managed in accordance with Contract and Purchasing Policies.
  • As a member of the leadership team, comply with all policies and
    practices at HSFO, including compliance with Code of Professional
    Coduct.  Ensure direct reports are in full compliance with above
    mentioned policies and practices.

Reporting Relationships

Direct Reports

  • Senior Specialist HW AIM
  • Senior Administrative Assistant Health Weights AIM
  • Volunteer Panel Members for Community Development Fund
  • Volunteer Management Advisory Groups as required


  • Manager, Community Mission Team
  • Manager, Government Relations
  • Senior Manager Research Programs
  • Director, Fundraising, New Business Development and Planning
  • Senior Manager, Health Information Services

Key Challenge/Constraints

  • Significant new initiative with high expectations for delivery
  • Work nimbly to both launch the first two years and develop a full plan for balance of five-year initiative
  • Dependent on gaining full co-operation of a large number of collaterals
  • Complex and high profile relationships with significant risk if not managed well

Other Requirements

  • Post secondary education and minimum of 5+ years experience in project management and minimum 3 years of staff supervision
  • PC literate with the working knowledge of the Internet and Microsoft Office package.

Accountability Dimensions

  • $15 million project over 5 years ($11 million identified to date)
  • 2 Direct Reports plus 20+ volunteers
  • Working with corporate partners

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your application by July 31, 2006, to

People Resources
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON  M4P 1E4