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1. Introduction

LifeWorks is one of 36 communities that participate in the Ontario
Heart Health Program, a provincial initiative funded by the Ministry of
Health Promotion to address the leading modifiable risk factors
(unhealthy eating, physical inactivity and tobacco use and exposure)
associated with cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.
LifeWorks is a healthy living initiative in Hastings and Prince Edward
counties that is made up of community partners, large and small with an
interest in promoting healthy living. These partners work together to
support and organize activities that assist local residents to eat
well, be active and be smoke-free in schools, workplaces and the
community throughout Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

The Healthy Active School Communities (HASC) initiative is a
comprehensive school health program that is being implemented in
Hastings and Prince Edward counties.  A HASC Executive Committee
of community partners was formed in 2001 to assists elementary schools
in taking a comprehensive approach to health in schools.  The
initiative began with a two-year pilot phase (2002-2004) with seven
schools participating.  During the 2004-2005 school year, the
number of schools grew to 18 and in the 2005-2006 school year, 22
schools were using this school health approach.  In 2006-2007
there will be 29 schools.  It is important to note that this
initiative includes elementary schools from both the Hastings and
Prince Edward District School Board and the Algonquin and Lakeshore
Catholic District School Board.

Schools that are interested in making their community a healthier place
for both students and staff apply to the HASC program.  Through
the application process, schools identify activities that they are
already doing to be healthy, safe and active and list possible areas
for enhancement.  Schools must meet the following criteria to be

  • gain commitment for the initiative,
  • collect relevant data throughout the school year,
  • celebrate success,
  • coordinate action committee meetings,
  • dedicate an early dismissal day or part of a PA date to the HASC initiative,
  • establish a connection with a community partner, and
  • participate in the HASC evaluation.

Once approved, each participating school then works through the
process to become an even healthier school community. This process
involves forming a school action committee with representatives from
the school administration, teachers, parents, students, community
partners, and others.  Next the school assesses the health of
their school community, prioritizes issues, sets goals, forms a plan of
strategies/activities and implements the plan.  The schools are
encouraged to celebrate their success and monitor their progress. 
Support is given to the participating schools from the HASC Executive
Committee to assist schools in meeting their goals.

Our HASC evaluation objectives include

  1. To be able to identify what a HASC school looks like, and understand key dynamics of HASC.
  2. To understand the challenges/barriers experienced by schools.
  3. To support changes identified based on the first two objectives and to assist all schools to move further on the HASC continuum.

2. Project Specifications

2.1 Statement of Work

Phase 1
Review and refine evaluation tools in consultation with the HASC Evaluation Committee--by September 15, 2006

Phase 2
Collect data
a. Distribute the continuum (evaluation tool) to all
school action committee members and collect responses twice in the
2006/07 school year - completed by (1) October 15, 2006 and (2) May 15,
b. Conduct key informant interviews with 6-8 School
Administrators (arrange, conduct and compile and analyse data) -
completed by November 30, 2006
c. Conduct 6 focus groups with selected school action
committee members (arrange, conduct and compile and analyse data)
completed by December 31, 2006
d. Conduct on-site visits of all participating
schools to gain a better understanding of the key dynamics of a HASC
school (what does it look like, feel like, sound like, etc.) -
completed by May 15, 2007
Phase 3   
e.  Analyse data--completed by August 1, 2007
Phase 4
f.  Draft of summary report--completed by September 30, 2007       
g. Draft of full report--completed by November 1, 2007
h. Final version of reports--completed by December 1, 2007

2.2 Deliverables

Expected deliverables of this project include

  1. Final version of data collection tools
  2. Develop implementation plan for the data collection (continuum, interviews and focus groups)
  3. Compile data and prepare a written summary report that summarizes
    the data and provides recommendations (provide an electronic and hard
  4. Full report (provide an electronic and hard copy)

3. Budget and Payment Schedule

This contract will be funded over the two budget years, with payments to be made by December 31, 2006, and December 31, 2007.

The proposal budget shall include a cost breakdown of each component of the proposal.

4. Submission Requirements

Proposals will be accepted until 12 noon on Friday, July 21,
2006.  The successful candidate will be notified by Friday, August
4, 2006.  Work will commence mid - August. Letters of interest are
welcome and should outline the following:

  • An understanding of the scope of the project
  • CV or resume summarizing related achievements and qualifications
  • A preliminary work plan outlining how the tasks to be undertaken will be completed and corresponding timelines
  • A breakdown of costs including design, implementation and report production
  • Samples demonstrating your experience developing surveys and evaluation strategies for similar projects
  • Proof of liability insurance, if available
  • The names and contact information of two references

Please submit one electronic and on hard copy of your package.
Submissions should be directed to

Shelly Brown, LifeWorks Coordinator
c/o Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit
179 North Park Street
Belleville, ON  K8P 4P1
Tel: (613) 966-5513 x213
Fax:  613-966-9418

5. Cancellation of RFP

The LifeWorks Coalition reserves the right to cancel this Request for
Proposal (RFP) at any time without penalty or cost to it.  The RFP
and resulting Proposal are not considered a commitment by the LifeWorks
Coalition to enter into any contract.

6. Confidentiality

All correspondence, documentation and information provided by the
LifeWorks Coalition to any respondent in connection with, or arising
out of, this RFP and/or acceptance of any Proposal(s):

  • Remains the property of the LifeWorks Coalition
  • Must be treated as confidential
  • Must not be used for any purpose other than replying to this RFP, and for fulfillment of any subsequent contracts.

7. Ownership

The successful respondent is acting as an agent of this LifeWorks
Coalition in the provision of the services outlined in this RFP. 
All information and material acquired or prepared by or for the
successful respondent pursuant to the Agreement shall be the sole
property of the LifeWorks Coalition, both during and following the
terms of this Agreement unless material used has been previously
published or is in the public domain, in which case the references will
be cited to the appropriate sources.  LifeWorks Coalition will
have unrestricted use of the above data.

8. Selection Criteria

The consultant for this project will be selected based on

  • Knowledge and experience in evaluation and school-based health promotion;
  • Extensive experience in designing/developing and conducting surveys with members of school communities;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent ability to compile data and write reports;
  • Demonstrated experience in project management;
  • Ability to adhere to timelines and work with a team to develop all components of the project;
  • Ability to meet all expectations within the allotted budget and timelines;
  • Familiarity with chronic disease prevention programming in Ontario will also be an asset.

For more information, please contact Sharon Osterhout, HASC Evaluation
Committee Member, at (613) 966-5513 x279 or or
Shelly Brown, LifeWorks Coordinator (after July 17th), at (613)
966-5513 x213 or