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Comings and Goings in the Field, July 2006

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I Introduction

This week, we have some Comings and Goings from health promotion covering the past few months.

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II Changes at the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse...

To better achieve our strategic goal of championing health promotion
and prevention, OPC has restructured.  Our new organizational
structure increases synergies across programs and sharpens our focus to
build health promotion in Ontario.  We're confident that these
changes will result in better service for you!

Please join us in congratulating the following colleagues on their new roles within OPC:

  • Barb Willet, OPC's longtime Best Start Manager, takes on a new,
    expanded role of Health Promotion Manager in July. Barb will manage the
    Ontario Health Promotion Resource System secretariat and the Best Start
    Resource Centre (Sherri Anderson will continue to coordinate the
    secretariat's activities).
  • Beth Ward will join OPC in September as Health Promotion Manager
    responsible for Prevent Stroke, our Health Promotion Resource Centre,
    and the Health Promotion Affiliate of the Canadian Health Network. Beth
    comes to us from Community Living Huntsville. (Subha Sankaran will
    become a health promotion consultant emphasizing partnership with
    ethnoracial communities.  Wendy Pinder will provide part-time
    strategic advice to the Health Promotion Affiliate.)
  • Pieter Huisman joined OPC in June as General Manager responsible
    for financial management, information management and technology, human
    resources and facilities. Pieter came to us from SMARTRISK.
  • Krissa Fay, Health Promotion Consultant for the Health Promotion
    Affiliate of the Canadian Health Network for the past two years,
    becomes OPC's new Communications and Policy Specialist to implement our
    communications capacity building project. The Trillium Foundation's
    two-year investment in OPC will improve Ontarians' access to the latest
    information on how to promote health, move upstream and take action on
    the determinants of health.

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III Additional Staff News from OPC

Paola Ardiles, who completed a successful placement with the Best Start
Resource Centre this spring, returns to OPC as a Health Promotion
Consultant with the Health Promotion Affiliate of the Canadian Health

Donna Mitchell, former manager of OPC's Prevent Stroke team, has
retired. Donna says, "Over the past few years, I have felt very
privileged in being part of the Ontario Stroke Strategy (OSS) and part
of the amazing SPI (now Prevent Stroke) Team. We have relished the
opportunities that the OSS has offered to health promoters to reach
beyond our traditional silos and we have worked hard to raise the
profile and understanding about how health promotion can enrich
communities.  As rewarding as our work has been I am eager to have
more time with my family and horses, to renew neglected friendships,
and focus on some of the other interests that have been put aside."

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IV News from the Nutrition Resource Centre

It is with excitement as well as sadness that I announce that Colleen
(Logue) Kiel has resigned from OPHA as the Manager of the Nutrition
Resource Centre (NRC) to take an exciting position as Senior
Consultant, Public Health Nutrition, at the Ministry of Health
Promotion.  Colleen was instrumental in creating the NRC in 2000
and has been the leader of the centre over the past five years. During
this period, the NRC grew to a staff of four people that manages
several provincial projects, Eat Smart, the Community Food Advisor and
Take-5.  Last year Colleen was seconded from the NRC to become the
School Health Consultant, a new position within the Ministry.

We at OPHA are sad to have Colleen leave us but are excited to have her
skills utilized within the provincial government.  Good luck to
you Colleen.

Connie L. Uetrecht, Interim Executive Director
Ontario Public Health Association

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V Changes at the Heart Health Resource Centre

...I have just joined the HHRC Team as Program Coordinator--Training
and Development.  I'm very excited to be working with you
all.  I have recently come from working with the Grey Bruce Health
Unit both as a PHN in the Tobacco Program and as a consultant.  I
am also a consultant with PTCC specializing in cessation and have
probably met many of you in my travels with Josie d'Avernas doing
workshops....I look forward to working with you.


Pam Kinzie R.N. M.Ed.
Program Coordinator - Training & Development
Heart Health Resource Centre
Ontario Public Health Association

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VI  York Selects U of T Psychologist as First Faculty of Health Dean

York's new Faculty of Health has its first dean--a psychologist who
specializes in public health issues, new technologies for "e-Health"
and behaviour change.

The appointment of Harvey Skinner was approved Monday by York's Board
of Governors. Skinner will become dean-designate on July 1, when the
Faculty officially comes into existence, and will take up his duties
full time on Sept. 1.

Currently Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the
University of Toronto, which he has led since 1997, Skinner received
his PhD in psychology from the University of Western Ontario. He is a
registered psychologist in Ontario, and a certified trainer in
motivational interviewing.

"We are very excited to have Harvey Skinner joining us to lead the new
Faculty of Health," said President & Vice-Chancellor Lorna R.
Marsden. "York's unique interdisciplinary model will allow researchers
from a wide variety of fields to come together to study critical health

"Coming to York to lead this new Faculty is an incredible opportunity,
especially at a time when issues such as threats to public health and
access to care have never been more topical," said Skinner. "In
addition, Canadians are working to rebuild the public health and
healthcare systems including the healthcare workforce, which gives us
tremendous opportunities for education and training."

Skinner has extensive experience in academic leadership and change. He
began as U of T's Chair of the Department of Behavioural Science in
1988, and subsequently led the merger of three academic departments to
form the Department of Public Health Sciences in 1997. In his new
position as dean of York's Faculty of Health, he will bring together
under one academic roof renowned researchers and teachers from the
psychology departments of the Faculty of Arts and the Atkinson School
of Liberal & Professional Studies, as well as from the School of
Nursing, the School of Kinesiology & Health Science and the School
of Health Policy & Management.

The new Faculty is designed to demonstrate and enhance the University's
key role in health research and knowledge transfer. "It's an exciting
time," says Skinner. He sees two broad goals for the Faculty: first,
improving the health of the whole population by expanding knowledge
about determinants linked with effective interventions, and second,
addressing disparities in health status and opportunities. He notes
that in post-SARS Canada, both the federal and Ontario governments are
setting up new public health agencies. At York, there are also
opportunities for strategic community partnerships in the fast-growing
905 region. And he wants to build on York's strengths in the study of
international issues to focus on global health concerns.

Skinner has a special interest in international health. He serves on
the board and is research director of the Canada International
Scientific Exchange Program (, which is leading
innovative programs for building Arab and Israeli cooperation through
health initiatives. He has also served as an expert adviser to the
World Health Organization, the US Institute of Medicine, the National
Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the National Institute on
Drug Abuse, and the Fogarty International Center. In Canada, he was a
member of the board of the Canadian Public Health Association from 1997
to 2005 and the Canadian Health Network from 1998 to 2001.

The incoming dean is the author or co-author of seven books, including
Promoting Health Through Organizational Change (2002), over 100
articles and chapters, and various behaviour assessment instruments.
Three of his instruments are widely used internationally for the
assessment of alcohol dependence (Alcohol Dependence Scale), the
detection of drug problems (Drug Abuse Screening Test), and assessment
of family functioning (Family Assessment Measure).

Skinner was one of the first to focus on linking behaviour change,
organizational improvement and information technology for "e-Health."
He has been a pioneer in the use of information and computer technology
for health assessment and behaviour change, and in 1995 helped initiate
a major program of research called TeenNet using the Internet for
engaging youth in health promotion (

He is in demand as a presenter at seminars and workshops around the
world and has been a pioneer in the use of computer technology in
health. He regularly leads workshops on lowering resistance and
enhancing motivation for change at individual and organizational
levels. His expertise is sought by health organizations, governments,
universities and practitioners. 

Born in Kirkland Lake, Ont., raised in southwestern Ontario, and a
resident of Toronto with his family since 1976, Skinner is an avid
runner (seven marathons completed) and enjoys sailing and skiing. His
personal Web site is

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VII New Comparative Program on Health and Society Program Coordinator

There will be a new CPHS Program Coordinator, Bianca Seaton, beginning
in late-May, as I move onto a position at the University of Calgary.
You can expect to hear from her as the fall approaches regarding the
2006/7 seminar series.


Josh Goldstein
Comparative Program on Health and Society
Munk Centre for International Studies

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VIII People on the Move from CharityVillage

  • CUSO announces the appointment of Jean-Marc Mangin to the position of CUSO executive director. (June 12, 2006)
  • Sharon Manson Singer, president of Canadian Policy
    Research Networks (CPRN), is pleased to announce the appointment of
    Jennifer Fry as director of public affairs. (June 19, 2006)

For more people on the move in the world of not-for-profit
organizations, visit