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Ottawa Charter Symposium, JASP 2006

Palais des congres

Dedicated to the Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion in order to
celebrate its 20th anniversary and critically analyze its current
relevance for professional and community interventions aiming to
improve the health of populations. A detailed program in French is at (soon to be
posted in English at

Activities of the day, in partnership with 11 international, French, Canadian or Québecoises organizations

  • Creative pedagogical formats
  • Over 100 speakers including international, Canadian and Québécois leaders as well as professional and community practitioners
  • Small group discussions over breakfast with authors of recent books in public health and health promotion
  • 20 interactive workshops on a wide variety of hot topics
  • Guided posters visits
  • "Droit de parole"
  • Launch of new books in health promotion
  • Special entertainment in the evening

Other details